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Miley Cyrus Is Worried She’ll Lose Liam Hemsworth to Jennifer Lawrence: Rumor

Crazy talk! Nothing comes between Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth — except maybe their puppies if they're caught in a snuggle sandwich.

Some "source" told Grazia magazine that Miley is jealous of The Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence for her career rise — and closeness to Miley's fiancé, Liam, who plays Gale in the series.

"[Miley feels] threatened by Jennifer's career and confidence," this source claims (via Fashion & Style). "Jennifer seems to have replaced Miley as Hollywood's It girl. And now Miley seems terrified she'll replace her as Liam's girlfriend too. That's when she started working out so much and the weight dropped off. Miley's had to grow up fast and I guess she's worried her success could all end tomorrow. She's barely sleeping. it's very sad."

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Miley doesn't seem very sad — and if she's not sleeping it's probably 'cause she's always out dancing and having a blast.

Miley was recently in Philadelphia visiting Liam on the set of his latest movie. She went into a tanning place twice in one week, People reports, and an onlooker said she seemed "very personable and very sweet." The source added, "She was asking for advice on cool places to eat, party and hang out. ... She was more talkative the second time [at the tanning salon]. She was talking about how excited she was to be married."

It doesn't sound like Miley really hasn't anything to worry about from JLaw — or anyone else. What do you think?

Sources: Fashion & Style, People

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