Teen Wolf Recap For Season 2, Episode 10, “Fury”: Allison, Your Aim Is True
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The Vampire Diaries

Teen Wolf Recap For Season 2, Episode 10, “Fury”: Allison, Your Aim Is True

Quickie recap of last week (otherwise you’ll be totally lost): Derek’s werewolf bite led Victoria Argent to commit suicide, Lydia helped bring Peter back from the cabinet under the stairs (a.k.a., dead), and Matt is the kanima’s master. But if that sounds like a busy day in Beacon Falls, just wait for Teen Wolf Season 2, Episode 10, “Fury.”

In a flashback, Matt and Jackson are exchanging video equipment and suspicion of who has a crush on Allison. We’ve seen this before, but what happens next? Matt hands over his camera, heads to his car, then uses his phone to watch Jackson get into bed, shirtless. (Matt, are you sure it’s Allison you like?) Eventually, Matt sees Jackson transform into the kanima. For a second, he’s scared, then he and Jackson touch hands through the car window. Fireworks ignite Matt sees a flash of Isaac’s father being killed. Then he smiles.

At police headquarters (just kidding, it’s the Stilinskis’ house), the team of Stiles, the Sheriff, and Scott are debating whether Matt is the killer. Stiles’s dad isn’t convinced: Where’s the motive? While they haven’t quite figured that out, the boys somehow get Mr. Stilinski to check out the evidence down at the station. (The actual station. Not the Stilinski house.)

After smooth-talking their way into the evidence room, the crime solvers examine footage from the night Jessica was murdered. (Scott and Stiles realize Matt was the one who must’ve killed the new mother.) Scott spots the back of Matt’s head in the video, then realizes the kanima’s master had a conversation with Mrs. McCall. It turns out, the nurse remembers talking to Matt: He left mud all over the hospital floor. (Hasn’t Matt ever seen CSI? The cops can track those spores and minerals, bro.) Anyway, the Sheriff realizes they need Mrs. McCall to come down the station at 2 in the morning to make a positive ID. Let’s hope the kids are still on Spring Break, otherwise they are going to be tired for chemistry class in the morning.

When Stiles heads to the front desk to alert the on-duty officer of Mrs. McCall’s imminent arrival, he realizes she’s dead and no longer has her weapon. Instead, Matt is holding the gun and looks very watery eyed.

Derek is shirtless and surrounded by a white light. Glorious. It’s just a dream, however, and the vet is there to treat Derek when he comes to. Ever the enigmatic keeper of knowledge and secrets, the vet tells the werewolf that despite Peter’s regeneration, Derek is still an alpha, albeit an incompetent one. Then Dr. Deaton explains why he’s helping the pack out: He made a promise to Derek’s mother. (And despite Third Eye Blind lyrics, it’s never a good idea to break one of those.) The doc isn’t done dropping knowledge. Peter may be back, but his revival has come at a price. The vet reminds Derek not to trust Peter, even if he says he knows how to stop Gerard. Instead, Derek needs to trust Scott.

In an attempt to reason with Matt, the sheriff tries to tell the gunman he doesn’t want to hurt anyone. “Actually, I want to hurt a lot of people,” the photographer says.

If you’re going to indiscriminately kill a station full of officers, you might as well stop with the former Sheriff. Instead, Matt has Stiles cuff his dad. As they lock up Mr. S, the boys see a slew of bodies. All the dead officers were the kanima’s victims. Matt just thinks about killing someone, and the lizard does the dirty work.

Gerard interrupts Allison’s meditation to give his granddaughter something. Before she killed herself, Mrs. Argent wrote a note to Allison, explaining why she died. The gravelly voiced grandfather has read the letter, upon Mrs. Argent’s request. “If this were my mother, I don’t know how I could sit still until somebody paid for her death,” Gerard rumbles to Allison. Then he adds that he’d pursue Derek’s pack until they were “howling not for mercy but for their own sweet deaths.” It sounds much more menacing when you growl it like Gerard.

Teen Wolf Recap For Season 2, Episode 10, “Fury”: Allison, Your Aim Is True
Credit: 2012 MTV © and TM MTV Networks    

The Argents enter the building, and Scott and Allison come face to face. She wants to know where Derek is, but Scott is genuinely confused by Allison’s sudden transformation. “You need to stay away from me right now,” she says, training the crossbow on her boyfriend.

With Scott out of the way, Chris and Allison team up to hunt the kanima. The lizard attacks Mr. Argent, but Allison’s arrow fails to stop it. The two struggle, and the kanima paralyzes her. Matt uses the opportunity to reenact a scene from Fear; and luckily a noise distracts him. Chris finds his daughter and carries her to safety.

In the holding cell, Mrs. McCall and the Sheriff would be getting really flirty if psycho Matt didn’t interrupt. He punches Mr. S as he tries to escape.

To avoid a coughing fit, Gerard takes a Ricola.

During a brief moment of clarity, Matt realizes Scott and Stiles’s parents are kind of idiotic for not realizing their town is populated with supernatural creatures. There’s no denying that fact now. It’s kanima versus werewolf in the cage grudge match. Derek and Jackson battle; Mrs. McCall looks more confused than scared. (She probably mistakes it for cosplay.)

After Matt runs away, Scott knocks down the kanima. Though he’s fully wolfed out, Mrs. McCall recognizes her son. Then she realizes he’s a wolf and has a minor heart attack. Scott runs away in a burst of werewolf/emo feelings.

Emo time isn’t over. Scott runs into Gerard in the hall. Gramps tells Scott to leave Matt and Jackson to the professionals. Scott decides to take the old man’s advice and help his mother and friends. Unfortunately, Derek overheard the conversation.

A light catches Matt. Though the photog tries to run, Gerard drowns him. Not cool, gramps. Matt hates the water. Once Matt stops struggling and having flashbacks, Gerard finally looks pleased.

From the bridge, Peter watches Gerard’s dirty deed. “No longer afraid of the water?” Allison’s grandfather asks the kanima, who appears out of nowhere. “You don’t have to be afraid of anything, my friend,” Gerard says. “Especially me.” The kanima and its new master touch hands.

Next week, Scott plays the death lottery and must decide who’s losing their life.

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Teen Wolf Recap For Season 2, Episode 10, “Fury”: Allison, Your Aim Is True
Credit: 2012 MTV © and TM MTV Networks    

As Matt trains the gun upon them, Scott and Stiles shred and delete papers and files linking the kanima’s masters to the crimes. Both guys want Matt to leave their respective parents alone. But when a car pulls up, Matt convinces Scott to greet his mother by threatening Stiles’s life. It’s actually Derek at the front door, who’s followed by the kanima. The lizard paralyzes the werewolf without hesitation.

The time has come to set aside childish things. Or in Allison’s case, violently knock them into the garbage. Suddenly, she’s Katnissed out, ready with her crossbow. Mrs. Argent’s letter really got to her, it seems.

The kanima quickly dispatches with Stiles, causing the paralyzed human to fall on top of Derek. (Matt is clearly a fan of that not-quite bromance.) Using the helpless Stiles as bait, Matt tells Scott to open the door for Mrs. McCall.

Instead of shooting Scott’s mom, Matt fires off a round into the werewolf. Unaware that her son is supernatural, Mrs. McCall completely freaks when she sees the wound. As she continues to demand Scott see a doctor, Matt tells the nurse, “If you keep talking, I’m going to put the next bullet through his head.”

An increasingly distraught Matt explains the reason for his hostage situation to Scott. The photog wants the bestiary. He’s looking for answers. When Scott says that Gerard has the book, Matt reveals his torso, which has gleaming kanima-like scales. Now that’s a gratuitous shirtless scene.

The task of deciding Derek’s, Matt’s, and Jackson’s fates falls on Allison. Whether she wants revenge or retribution, Gerard tells her to make the decision from strategy instead of emotion. The answer is clear to the hunter: Derek must die. When Chris asks his daughter about Scott, Allison says they’ll “prioritize” Derek and his pack over him. However, she’s totally comfortable killing anyone who protects Derek. Responsibility has really changed this girl, and not just her bedroom decorations.

As they huddle (cuddle?) in paralyzed limbo, Stiles asks Derek to explain what’s going on with Matt. In a universe that craves balance, the photographer has been breaking the rules. By killing non-murderers, Matt has been turning himself into a kanima. Then Derek sticks his fingers into his own thigh to trigger the healing process.

Matt feels sorry for Scott, because the werewolf has no idea how lucky he is to be healing from his gunshot wound. Then the creepy picture taker begins to reminisce back to 2006. The swim team had just won state. While Matt only wanted to trade some comic books, he unwittingly got swept up in a party at Coach Leahy’s house. Bennett Camden, Isaac’s brother, threw Matt into the pool. After he nearly drowned, Isaac’s father pulled Matt out of the pool and told the shutterbug to keep mum about the incident. It continued to haunt his dreams.

Years later, at Kate Argent’s funeral, everything changed. Matt snapped a photo of Isaac’s dad and wished him dead. The next day, he actually was. After some mythological furies talk, Matt tells Scott that he knew the kanima had killed the coach for him and would do it again. “All I had to do was take their picture, and Jackson would take their life,” explained Matt.

Finally, the Argents arrive and fire a barrage of bullets at the station. The neighbors fail to notice. (Although, who would they call? All the cops are dead.) Derek yells for Scott to protect Stiles, but the kanima comes chasing after.

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