The Taltos Twins Come Clean: We Lied to Get on Bachelor Pad 3 — Exclusive
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The Taltos Twins Come Clean: We Lied to Get on Bachelor Pad 3 — Exclusive

It’s one thing to watch the Brittany and Erica Taltos on TV. It’s another trying to talk to them in person. Not only do the 23-year-old identical twins finish each other’s sentences, they oftentimes cut each other off completely. And who can blame them? Formerly known as the duo that inspired The Situation to declare himself ‘Twinning’ on Season 4 of Jersey Shore, they’re super amped about their latest gig: playing together as one contestant on Bachelor Pad 3. After winning the show’s first challenge, they’re giving the rest of the cast a run for their money.

We caught up with them at the east coast viewing party for the BP3 held at NYC hotspot The Ainsworth and attempted to interview them about the experience. Here’s the result:

Wetpaint Entertainment: So you guys getting cast, how did that happen?
Brit: We just went on the ABC website. I applied. I was talking to the casting director and I mentioned I had an identical twin sister and she was like, ‘Would she be interested in doing the show?’ And I was like, yeah, for sure. So they contacted her, we sent in our pictures and —
Erica: — and they liked both of us, so…

The Taltos Twins Come Clean: We Lied to Get on Bachelor Pad 3 — Exclusive
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Did they recognize the two of you from Jersey Shore?
Erica: No! They actually, like, missed it!
Brittany: We flew under the radar and, like —
Erica: — I wouldn’t say that, we just, like… they asked if we had ever been on reality TV before and we said no.

Once you got there, didn’t anyone from the cast realize who you were?
Erica: Like, the second week one of the cast members asked, ‘Were you guys on the Jersey Shore?’
Brittany: And we were like, yeah…

Are either of you still in touch with The Situation?
Brittany: Not really.
Erica: No. That’s our past. We’re kind of embarrassed by it.
Brittany: Yeah, we, like, deny it.

Are you happy you ended up on Bachelor Pad?
Erica: Oh yeah, we really made up for it!
Brittany: We went from MTV to ABC. Network TV baby! Yeah!
Erica: Woooooooo!

Bachelor Pad airs Monday nights at 8PM on ABC.

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