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Real Housewives of New York

Aviva Drescher Is Tired of “Controlling” RHONY Co-Star Ramona Singer

Real Housewives of New York star Aviva Drescher is tired of her “controlling” co-star Ramona Singer.

On Season 5, Episode 9 of RHONY, Ramona and Aviva didn’t see eye-to-eye (or perhaps leg-to-leg) about it when Aviva got into the pool without her “swimming leg,” and in her latest Bravo blog, Aviva admits the convo left her “annoyed with Ramona.”

“She was controlling my swimming activities, the dinner party food flow, the dinner party conversation, and even threw me out of a bathroom in my own home. I was disappointed and and my patience was lessening,” Aviva wrote.

While Ramona wrote in her own blog that she was just protecting her, Aviva clearly thinks there was some malice or confusion involved in Ramona’s words. She explained as follows.

Here I am about to get into a pool with a bunch of women and Ramona starts to go on and on about whether or not I should go swimming. Then as soon as I am in the pool, Ramona soon enough is insisting that I get out of the pool because my leg is going to get too wet? Once something is wet, it's wet. . . Am I missing something here?”

What do you think? Does Aviva have a leg to stand on (bad pun, we know) when it comes to whether or not Ramona was being “controlling”?

Source: Bravo

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