Gary Shirley Opens Up About Single Parenting While Amber Does Time in Jail: “I’m Hurt”
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Teen Mom

Gary Shirley Opens Up About Single Parenting While Amber Does Time in Jail: “I’m Hurt”

Watching Teen Mom is an emotional rollercoaster — especially when it comes to Amber Portwood.

This poor girl is doing so well this season, and it's heartbreaking to think that she's currently in jail while Gary and Leah live life to the fullest without her. We can't imagine how Amber must feel, but the situation is also tough for Gary Bear.

"Truth is parenting solo while trying to do everything right for your child takes a lot of sacrificing," Gary tweeted after Teen Mom Season 4, Episode 8 aired on MTV. "Learning this over and over."

Gary loves spending time with Leah, but he wishes Amber could be in her life. "My daughter is the greatest gift I've ever received," He continued. "I'm hurt that she can have both parents involved."

Luckily, Amber has a great support system of fans — including Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans!

"I've been watching teen mom as well just now," Jenelle tweeted Gary. "Can I write amber ? I would love to tell her how much we relate."

Why, yes you can, Jenelley! Supporters can send Amber letters of encouragement at her address, which is "811 west 50 N Rockville In 47872 Amber Portwood."

With any luck, this gal will be out of jail and back in Gary and Leah's lives before too long, and well wishes go a long way in helping her feel better.

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