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Secret Life of the American Teenager

Jane By Design Season 1 Finale Recap: “The Bonus Check”

Let’s all take a moment to appreciate the fact that Jane Quimby has been able to keep her two worlds a secret for an entire season.

She’s balanced one life in high school and one in high fashion and all while managing to travel into New York City and back to her suburban school in under 30 minutes.

Her traffic-defying abilities are to be commended, but even more impressive is how the Jane By Design Season 1 finale was able to cover so much territory in so little time.

At the end of last week’s episode, Jeremy refused Jane’s request to show off his collection to the good people of Harrods. Devastated, Jane retreated to her waterfront view of London, red lips stuck in a permanent pout.

Miraculously, Jane had convinced Jeremy to completely change his mind all before the opening credits. In a brisk jaunt through historic London, Jane and Jeremy rush to Harrods (and managed to pass all of the major tourist sites along the way).

Back at Donovan Decker, Jane is a hero and Gray is singing her praises (despite her major bitch fest on the phone).

Billy’s also bursting with the good news of Jane’s major party. But this happiness is brief after Jane discovers that the costumes she’s been working on for weeks were destroyed in the celebrations.

And to top it all off, Rita Shaw knows that Jane’s been living by herself for weeks. She agrees to live with Jane so Ben can continue his baseball dream just as the elder Quimby returns from the pitcher’s mound for a visit.

Jane tells him the truth and also reveals that Rita’s been missing her baseball babe. Ben levels with Rita and announces he’s staying home. We’re worried that things will never work out between the two of them when Rita doesn’t immediately react to what is possibly the cutest display of affection we’ve ever seen.

But with the appropriate theme music, this bad-ass guidance counselor sashays up to the pitcher’s mound and plants a big one on Ben in front of the entire baseball team! Get it girl!

Credit: Ron Tom/ABC Family    

So all is right in one Quimby’s love life, but Jane is still juggling far too many suitors. Eli makes it easy for her and tells her the truth about sleeping with India (minus the whole fact that it was India). It’s a shame because we really liked this dashing designer and he seems to understand Jane better than she even realizes.

Eli’s the one to encourages Jane to go to Billy. The only problem is, Billy seems pretty settled with Zoe. This spike-wearing slut has shoved her way into our mohawked man’s heart and made things all too official when she became his first.

Oh no, she didn’t!

But Jane’s too busy righting the costume wrong to let this latest emotion blow impact her too much. She slyly recruits Carter and Eli to repair the damaged costumes and uses her bonus check to cover the expenses.

Things don’t quite go as planned when Gray is accidentally invited to the play, but Jane’s been able to squeeze her way out of worse so we’re not too concerned.

Our best hope for a potential Season 2 is Jeremy’s announcement that he’s returning to New York to go into business for himself, and obviously he wants Jane for an employee.

But a not-so-obvious decision occurred in Jeremy’s romantic life when he finally made India’s selfish dreams come true.

ABC Family, we have to see if that works out. So could you please renew our favorite show for a second season?

08.1.2012 / 08:19 AM EDT by Rachel McRady
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