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Teen Mom

Maci and Kyle Buy a House! Teen Mom Recap of Season 4, Episode 8: “The Next Step”

Teen Mom time, y'all! Spray yourself with some tanning lotion, attach a few random feathers in your hair, and slip into your comfiest pair of knock-off Uggs, because we have an emotional episode on our hands.

Yep, Butch is back in action, and the mere mention of his name has us crying with WTF feelings. Waterproof mascara alert!

Home Sweet Home: Maci and Kyle Buy a House

Maci might be a tender-hearted teen mom with legs for days, but this gal is mature beyond her years — especially when it comes to dating. Maci and Kyle have been living in sexy sin for about a year, and she's ready to take her relationship to the next level. No, they aren't putting a ring on it (Maci just wants more kids — not a wedding!), but they are ready to buy their very own home.

When Maci realizes her lease is up, she and Kyle decide renting another apartment is a huge waste of money. Plus, Baby Bentley needs room for his collection of trucks, ya'll hear? The three musketeers waste no time searching for the perfect pad, and they head out with a realtor to check out cribs in Chatt Town.

Maci and Kyle make an offer on a 79k foreclosed fixer-upper, but Maci doesn't have enough credit — which means the house is in Kyle's name. Yikes, what happens if these two break up?! At least Maci's parents are being supportive, but all these ch-ch-ch-changes have inspired Ryan to file for joint custody. Looks like Maci might have a court date in her future...

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Date Night: Farrah Introduces Her BF to Sophia!

Remember that studly hunk named Daniel who Farrah went horseback riding with? Those were good, adorable times — though we're not sure the horses will ever recover.

We're thrilled Farrah's found herself a boyfriend, and Daniel seems like the perfect guy. He's sweet, smart, handsome, and (more importantly) he isn't turned off by the fact that Farrah has a baby! This gal decides it's high time to introduce Sophia to Danny Boy, so after she comes home from her first day of school (wearing an enormous sun hat, we might add), she and Sophia get ready for their big date.

The problem? Soph is having a major bout of the terrible twos, and won't stop stealing Farrah's decorative candles. Will this little munchkin freak Daniel out and scare him away from Farrah? Of course not — Sophia is the sweetest princess ever, how could anyone not love her?!

As you might expect, Daniel can't get enough of Sophia (and her dog, Stichy-Poo), and their dinner date goes swimmingly. In fact, it looks like Daniel's ready step up as Sophia's surrogate father-figure!

Wow, Farrah and Daniel are getting super serious — she even plans a trip to Austin with him, which means her mom is heading to The Sunshine State for another staycation. We smell trouble!

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Shocking: Butch Baltierra Abuses Catelynn's Mom and Heads to Jail

Bad news, gang. Teen Mom's resident wayward drifter and his braided mullet are back in jail. Yep, just weeks after leaving Catelynn and Tyler's house to go "live in a cardboard box," Tyler gets a shocking call from Cate's mom, April, who tells him that Butch is in the clink for assault. Noooo, Butch! We thought you weren't "juicing" anymore!

Turns out Butch and April violated their no contact order to have a few brewskis, and then got into a violent fight after Butch flew into a jealous rage. Catelynn heads to her mom's house to check on her injuries, and April shows her her bruised up arms and the broken toilet seat where Butch slammed her head.

While we jaw drop in shock and disbelief, Cate and her mom have an emotional conversation about their past, and April agrees to attend a treatment program. The catch? She's still in love with Butch despite the fact that he abused her. Sigh, thank goodness Catelynn and Tyler have each other –– their parents are so unstable!

Meanwhile, Tyler is completely crushed that his dad is such a deadbeat, so he heads over to April's house and encourages her to divorce Butch. Both of them end up crying because Butch "loves cocaine more than them" (his words), which basically had us sobbing all over our dermals. We hate seeing Tyler so sad!

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Amber and Gary Duke It Out … Again!

Our girl
Amber is officially out of rehab and back in Indiana, but things aren't going as planned. Amber was in treatment for her anger problems, and despite her two month therapy/tanning sesh, she's more bitter than ever. Someone pass this girl her boxed wine!

Amber's busy working on her GED, but she hasn't been able to see Gary Bear as much as she wants thanks to their no contact order. Even worse? Gary is being grumpy and dopey (and the rest of the seven dwarves) about letting Amber bond with Baby Leah — who she hasn't seen for a whole week!

When Gary finally does let Leah go to Amber's house for a visit, Ambs calls him a "fat ass," but luckily this mommy and daughter duo have a great day learning colors with crayons (or as Amber calls them "crowns"). Amber even takes Leah to a park for some fun in the sun!

Meanwhile, Gary is all stressed because his lease is running out, which might explain the fact that he's being less than supportive of Amber. Let's just hope they can settle their differences over a nice box of chicken nuggets. Lord knows they're the answer to all our problems.

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