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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Liars Burning Question: When Will We Learn Everything About “That Night?”

Pretty Little Liars is full of mysteries, and one woman holds the key to them all. Creator and showrunner Marlene King is the mastermind behind the addicting drama, and although she plays her cards close to her chest, she's willing to let some spoilers drop.

In a recent interview with The Insider, Marlene reveals details about the timeline for finding out the answers to some of the show's biggest question, like what happened "that night," and what the deal is with the new "A".

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While Marlene is hesitant to give away too much about how the "A" team — if there is a team — works, she does dish that "by the end of season three, there will be another fun twist that will be very satisfying to viewers in terms of the 'A' storyline."

She also promises that "most of what happened 'that night' will be discovered by the end of the summer season," though she warns that there are a few details that won't be clarified until the winter season. (However, as we first reported, we will find out who killed Maya in the Season 3 summer finale later this month.)

Meanwhile, according to Marlene, whatever answers we do get in the finale will tie back to mysteries that were laid out in the earlier seasons, too. "Everything comes together in such a beautiful way," she explains, adding that "it all comes back to The First Secret, which was last year's Halloween episode."

For much more from Marlene, check out the full interview at The Insider.

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Source: The Insider

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