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What Will the Morning After Be Like for Castle and Beckett? 3 Sexy Post-Love Making Scenarios

Castle fans finally know for sure that Castle and Beckett consummated their four-year courtship with a lil' hanky panky, so naturally, we're all coming up with plenty of saucy “morning after” scenarios for the detective sweeties — us included!

Below are three sexy scenarios from the day after the big hookup (and thankfully, none of them involve any unwelcome guests — ahem, Alexis or Martha!).

Hold onto your imaginations, TV junkies, it’s gonna get steamy up in hurr!

3. Castle = Top Chef?

We already know he brews a mean cup o’ Joe, but how are Castle’s other skills in the kitchen?

Picture this: The crime writer sneaks out of bed before Beckett, tip-toes (in dorky, superhero-themed slippers?) into the kitchen, and prepares a one-of-a-kind Caskett feast. Of course, being the surreptitious sleuth (and presumably light sleeper) she is, Beckett wakes up and has to investigate the commotion, only to find a breakfast spread fit for royalty on Castle’s kitchen table.

And the best part? Before she can slide her cute bottom into her chair, Castle proudly hands her a perfectly-brewed mug of coffee. Of course.

2. Once, Twice, Three Times a Lady?

Beckett was rather comfortable with Castle’s hands the night before, but we all know that no matter how much you love someone, the first time is always sorta awkward.

The morning after, we imagine Beckett running into Castle’s bathroom for a quick scrub-down and a little foundation application while Castle's still blissfully zonked out (and snoring quite loudly). But — oops! — Becks just so happens to forget her clothes in the room, and has to sneak back in to grab them.

And that’s when the crime writer emerges from his peaceful slumber and jumps out of bed, scaring the wits (and towel) out/off of his mate. Freaked out, the brunette bombshell — in all her naked glory — hesitates for a second, but then confidently sashays toward the bed.

Who’s up for round two?

1. The Best Part of Waking Up …

Beckett stay in bed? Who are we kidding? What if the lovely brunette lazily strolls out of Castle’s boudoir in a man’s button-down, where she catches him brewing coffee. (Natch!) Compelled to say something snarky (old habits die hard, y’know) Beckett stops herself before opening her mouth. Instead, she decides to slide up behind the deeply-concentrated crime writer and wrap her arms around his waist.

Startled for a second (it’s been a long time since Castle’s actually had a woman stay the night), Castle grins, and then turns around to lay a wet one on his lady — the first of many morning after kisses to come.

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