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Who Is Emily Thorne’s True Love on Revenge? Actress Emily VanCamp Dishes!

At the end of Revenge Season 1, Emily Thorne’s life, revenge-y and romantic, was in shambles.

She broke off her engagement with Daniel Grayson after he confronted her about kissing Jack, and when she rushed to find her bartending love, he was busy prepping the crib for his soon-to-be-born baby boy!

Ugh, can’t Ems catch a break?

Fortunately, a new character in Season 2, played by British actor Barry Sloane, will serve as Emily’s latest love interest. But with all this heart hopping, who actually holds the key to Ms. Thorne’s true love?

When Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with actress Emily VanCamp on the Season 2 set, she definitely had her take on the matter.

“[Jack] represents everything good in her and she can't help but love that about him,” Emily said. “I think that he may possibly be the only man that she can truly and wholly love because she had in a time when she hadn't been through all that trauma. But I absolutely think are meant to be together? Yeah.”

But what about your bestie, Nolan? While actor Gabriel Mann is definitely pro on the Nemily debate, Ms. VanCamp doesn’t seem to be interested.

“I find that the way it has been played is very much sort of on a brother/sister level,” she said. “Gabe might say something different. He is always rooting for that.”


Who do you think Emily is meant to be with? Jack or someone else? Tell us below!

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