Will Ryan Edwards Ever Take Maci Bookout to Court For Custody of Bentley?
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Will Ryan Edwards Ever Take Maci Bookout to Court For Custody of Bentley?

Maci Bookout has a great relationship with her baby daddy, Ryan, but when it comes to his parental units it's a whole 'nother story. Probably because Ryan's mom and pops keep pushing him to file for joint custody of Bentley!

"That makes my blood boil," she tells Farrah Abraham and Catelynn Lowell during Teen Mom's After Show. "They're selfish. Bentley's not their child. At that time, the reason Ryan didn't take me to court was because I honestly feel like he could've cared less … They don't want Ryan to take me to court so he can see him. They want Ryan to take me to court so they can see him."

Maci understands why Ryan's parents want to hang with their grandchild, but she thinks they overstep their boundaries. "With Ryan's mom, sometimes I just wanna be like, 'What would you have done if someone was trying to take Ryan away from you?'" Maci says. "Me and Ryan have our own relationship. I know he's not going to take me to court because he can trust me. I'm never gonna take Bentley away from him, I wouldn't do that to Bentley."

Maci and Ryan get along way better than they used to, and despite the fact that his parents drive her crazy, she does appreciate all the help they've given her. "They've helped us so much and they really are really good with Bentley," she says.

Sigh, Maci is so mature! Let's just hope Ryan's parents learn a thing or two about boundaries during this season of Teen Mom.

Source: MTV

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