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The Bachelorette

5 Reasons Jef Holm and Emily Maynard Will Stay Together Forever

Jef and Emily are a match made in heaven (heaven = Chris Harrison's mind), and we're convinced they're going to be in it for the long haul. Sure, The Bachelorette doesn't exactly have a great track record of couples staying together — but if Ashley and JP can do it, anyone can! Check out 5 reasons we think Jemily will make it down the aisle.

1. Opposites Attract
Look, we love Jef and Emily as much as the next obsessive fan-girl with multiple shrines, but let's be real. They couldn't be more different. Emily is a real-life Barbie with legs that won't quit, and Jef is an adorable hipster who spends his life in shrink-to-fit Levis. Sure, you might think Em belongs with a burly stud muffin, and Jef belongs with some precious nerd, but you'd be wrong. Opposites attract, y'all!

2. They Both Have Strong Family Values
In case you've forgotten, Jef grew up on a massive ranch surrounded by sisters and their misters, not to mention a roving pack of adorable babies. He's all about having a big family, which is right in line with Emily's beliefs. She wants to pop out a million babies, like, yesterday, and Jef's swimmers are ready to procreate!

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3. They Believe In The Man Upstairs
Jef and Emily have a friend in Jesus. In fact, Jesus is their homeboy. Emily was brought up in a small southern town with Christian values, and Jef was raised in Utah among Mormons. Though Jef says he's no longer practicing, religion is still a huge part of his coif, so he's the perfect partner for Emily!

4. They're Hopelessly In Love
Anyone who tuned in for The Bachelorette's eighth season knows how in love Emily and Jef are. In fact, she preemptively rejected Arie Luyendyk, Jr. just to cut to the chase with Jef. Sure, Em and Brad Womack were cute and all, but their relationship lacked the deep intimacy that Emily has with Jef. They are head-over-converse, guys!

5. They're Do-Gooders
In the words of our favorite Disney ride: it's a small world after all. And Emily and Jef want to make that small world a better place. This happy couple cut their media tour to just one week so they could head over to Africa and provide peeps with clean water. We love that they're both so charitable!

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