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The Bachelorette

WTF? Bachelor Pad’s Chris Bukowski Target of Bizarre Twitter Rant by Backstreet Boy — Exclusive

Given that 25 year-old Chris Bukowski was just ten when the Backstreet Boys were in their prime, he’s understandably not so up-to-date on the group. So imagine his surprise when band member Howie Dorough, now 39, recently slammed him on Twitter. Howie, it seems, is an avid Bachelorette watcher, but doesn’t care for our beloved Chris B. (How dare he!)

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"So @ChrisJBukowski from #BachelorPad is a douche,” Howie tweeted after Monday night’s episode. “He’s acting like he’s such a bachelor vetren [sic]. Weren’t you just rejected a few months ago?”

After figuring out who Howie was, Chris offered a friendly reply. “Hey Howie, thanks for the shout out. I hope you keep watching and change your opinion.” Chris’ fans, however, were less diplomatic…going after Howie with a flurry of nasty tweets in Chris’ defense.

Among our favorites? “@HowieD, I don’t know what’s worse. The fact that youre chirping @ChrisBukowski or that you spelled veteran wrong #TeamChris,” from one female fan and “@HowieD You’re a Backstreet Boy who’s almost 40. I don’t get why you’d diss @ChrisJBukowski. Oh, and my friends dog is named Howie,” from another.

Howie apparently couldn’t take the heat in the kitchen and quickly removed the post, which has #TeamChris claiming victory. “Annnnnd the tweet from Howie has been deleted,” noted a fan.