Chris Harrison on Bachelor Pad 3: There’s No Such Thing as a Couple or an Alliance
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The Bachelorette

Chris Harrison on Bachelor Pad 3: There’s No Such Thing as a Couple or an Alliance

Remember the power couples that dominated Bachelor Pad Seasons 1 and 2? Every episode someone shouted "vote out the power couples!" and no one did it. But on Bachelor Pad Season 3 ... do you see a power couple? We're approaching Episode 3 and it's hard to see who might be in any sort of steady couple — strategic or romantic.

Chris Harrison seems to think we should stop trying to figure things out, 'cause it's all going to change anyway. For example, The Rosemaster tells TV Guide Chris Bukowski is about to make his love triangle with Jamie Otis and Blakeley Jones into a square. Even Blake Julian wasn’t that ambitious!

Rosemaster Chris also thinks we should take note of Sarah Newlon’s quick change from hooking up with Ed Swiderski to trying to vote him out — then crying about it. “That is a great summary of Bachelor Pad this year,” Chris tells TV Guide. “Two people hook up and all seems to go great, and then they vote the other person out. There is no such thing as an alliance or couple this season. Every time you think you get it figured out, they do a 180 on you and this is a great example.”

Another odd 180 is the relationship between Ed and his fellow Bachelorette 5 suitor Reid Rosenthal. Somehow Jillian Harris’ name keeps getting thrown in, as if they’re still fighting over her years later, even though they’ve both moved on. Sometimes Reid and Ed look buddy-buddy, but then Reid seemed to feel left out of strategy sessions on Episode 2, so he tried to get Ed kicked out.

“It's weird,” Chris says. “I didn't see them being so hostile and such enemies, but it [picks up] momentum and keeps going and going. But things change so quickly. Whatever feeling you took from this week, forget about it because I promise you next week will be utterly and completely different.”

Forget about the twins, the pickle, Michael Stagliano sticking his tongue into Donna Zitelli’s mouth, and Erica Rose flashing the cameras every time she rolled through gymnastics? Done!

Source: TV Guide