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Farrah Abraham Spills on Her Relationship With Daniel: He Was Too Childish

Farrah Abraham took her relationship with Daniel to a whole new level during this week's episode of Teen Mom! Not only did she introduce him to Baby Sophia (adorable), she also introduced him to her mom, Debra, over Skype!

Farrah's always been protective of Sophia when it comes to boys, so what made her decide Daniel was worthy of an introduction? "I felt like for me to get to know Daniel I would have to start to spend more time with him, but I didn’t want to jeopardize my time with Sophia," Farrah explains to Mom Finds. "So I wanted to see if Sophia liked him. If he was OK, then we could all hang out more, without me having to leave Sophia with childcare, which I hate to do."

It seemed like Farrah and Daniel's dinner with Sophia was well, but Farrah was less than impressed. "I think the date with Daniel was easy going, but it seemed like he was faking being out with a child," she says. "He still seemed to be too much of a child himself."

Weird ... Farrah acted perfectly happy with Daniel after the date, and she even asked him to say "hi" to her mom! "I was happy my mom was open to seeing who this person was, just as much as I tried to be," Farrah says. "I was hoping for the easiest dating experience ever."

So, are Daniel and Farrah still locking lips? She says we'll "have to see the rest of the season" to find out!

Source: Mom Finds

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08.2.2012 / 09:00 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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