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True Blood

Is Luna Pregnant on True Blood?

Has anyone else noticed that Luna's spent most of this season doubled-over in pain while vomiting? Add in some varicose veins and cankles, and we have ourselves a typical pregnant lady with morning sickness.

Luna and Sam have been going at it like bunnies since they met (no seriously, Sam even shifted into a rabbit), and lord knows he's virile. Sure, Luna's doctors would probably know if she was carrying a shifter-baby — but think about it. If Luna's early enough in her pregnancy, the bambino might not even be detectable in an ultra sound!

But what about Luna's sudden skin-walking? This condition usually pops up when a shifter commits patricide (looking at you, Tommy), so there's definitely a strong parent-child connection at play. Luna's body could be shifting as a reaction to her pregnancy, which would also explain the copious amounts of vomit.

We're going to call it: Lady is about to pop out a litter of puppies. Sound off in the poll and tell us if we're right!

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