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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Why Did Kathy Wakile Start to “Feel Bad” About Her Cookie Conversation With Teresa Giudice?

Aside from dealing with her husband Richie’s morning “situation” (ew), Kathy Wakile had a great start to the Napa trip.

In her latest blog, Kathy opens up about how she was glad her cousin Teresa Giudice shared her feelings following the book signing, where Teresa thought Kathy was being purposefully passive-agressive by calling Teresa’s recipes her mother’s recipes.

Kathy explains, “I have to admit though, I was starting to second guess myself and feel bad. I couldn’t remember if I said they were my mom’s recipes. I just couldn’t remember. I certainly didn’t want to fight with her over cookies.”

“Thankfully after watching this week’s episode I’m happy to see that my memory did in fact serve me correctly. I’m glad we are all in agreement that I never said the word ‘recipe,’” Kathy continued.

Personally, we’re with Teresa on this one — Kathy’s comments did seem passive-agressive — but that’s clearly not how she intended them.

Whose side are you on now?