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The Bachelor

Ashley Spivey Blogs Bachelor Pad 3 Episode 2: Michael and Rachel Are Adorable

Former Bachelor contestant Ashley Spivey blogs Bachelor Pad 3 like nobody’s business. Each week she treats readers to captioned screen grabs and one-liners that have us LOLing until the next episode. Check out what she had to say about this week’s debauchery.

First off, the rhythmic gymnastics challenge amused Ashley to no end. Even though the boys outshined the girls, she notes “Reid [Rosenthal] proves that he WILL NOT be a future contestant of Dancing With the Stars.” As for the girls team, she calls out Erica Rose:

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In a moment that was shocking to no one, Erica Rose was voted as the worst performer for the girls. As much as I love Erica and she does provide endless entertainment, I feel like she should have busted her @$$ to win on this challenge after her performance last week. You can only get by for so long by guilting people into keeping you.

We’re beginning to wonder how long that strategy will work, too!

Michael Stagliano’s date proved to also be blog fodder. While Ashley’s not a huge fan of the Donna Zitelli and Michael hookup — “I get the creepies from seeing too much of their tongues!” — seeing him cozy up with Rachel Truehart does warm her heart.

I was legitimately surprised to see Rachel kiss Michael. I’ve been around these two before the show and I never even saw a hint of a spark! However, they are both two of the most laid back and adorable people ever so it makes sense!

But seriously, Ashley feels like we need to talk about Chris Bukowski:

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After Chris begs Jamie to kiss him, he takes Blakeley [Jones] to Jamie [Otis] and Blakeley’s room, and keeps his partner satisfied so she’ll take him on the date tomorrow and keep him safe from elimination. How did Jamie stay so calm in this moment? [...] What happened to “Emily [Maynard] really made me sad” Chris? I miss that humble dude.

Even though Chris is an unscrupulous shark, Ashley still feels like the ladies are letting themselves get used. It’s one form of strategy, but not one that seems to be working! Ashley explains,

I want to feel sorry for Blakeley because Chris has quickly taken on the role of TMDN [Tool McDouche Nugget] but she is continuing to put up with him after catching him with Jamie. Where is y’all’s self-respect ladies? Toss that dude to the curb lady – should have traded him in for the 32 year-old virgin and then you would have gotten the loyalty you crave!

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