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Glee’s Lea Michele: Boyfriend Cory Monteith “Makes Me Work Harder”

We all know that Glee’s Lea Michele (Rachel) is super driven and ambitious on her own, but she now has some extra support in that department: her oh-so adorable boyfriend Cory Monteith (Finn).

Lea tells iVillage that there’s nothing awkward about spending long work days with the love of her life. On the contrary, Lea says, Cory “pushes me and definitely makes me work harder,” Lea says. But he’s not just a taskmaster, saying that it’s also “so much fun working with them.” Okay, we’re just gonna say it: The guy sounds perfect.

And even before they started getting all cuddly in real life, Lea says that, “from day one, he’s been such an incredible person to have as a co-worker.” If only everyone’s co-workers could look like Cory!

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As far as Rachel’s storyline on the show goes, Lea swears that she doesn’t know what’s in the cards for Rachel and Finn, but she likes not knowing. It helps her to really get into Rachel’s mindset, since that same “uncertainty” is the same thing that Rachel is going through.

As for us, we’re not appreciating the uncertainty one bit. We want to know for sure that Rachel and Finn will be getting back together ASAP!

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