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Jersey Shore

Roger Blows Up at JWOWW for Keeping Secrets

In Episode 7 of Snooki & JWOWW, we explore all the ups, downs, and drags relationships have to offer. From fights to family dinners to man-to-man teta-a-tetes and lap dances, la famiglia Jersey grows tighter by the second.

In this episode, Roger calls the house in a bewildered, I’ll-be-damned kind of rage that can only stem from having learned a major part of a loved one’s life through TMZ. Apparently Jenny has been dealing with a legal situation (read: she’s getting sued) for a few years, and she seems to have forgotten to loop Roger in. Whoops?

Roger feels betrayed and isn’t quite sure where this leaves their relationship. “Don’t lie, just don’t lie” seems to be Roger’s mantra and it’s a good one; maybe it could be the theme song for a spin-off about the boys? However, since Jenny is a member of the “big lie vs. little lie” school of thought, she doesn’t really get why Roger is so mad; Snooki just thinks he’s acting like a dad.

Roger eventually comes around, and it’s fortunate that he does, because the girls then take the boys to a drag dinner theater, and it's glorious. It's Jionni’s first drag experience and he’s a great sport the whole way through, his feathers ruffling only slightly when he and Roger are pulled onstage and immediately find themselves both topless and with eyefuls o’ booty.

As usual, the episode winds down with la famiglia. After having celebrated their growing families with their Jersey Shore castmates and close friends, it’s time for the parents to get in
on the party spirit. We remember how well it went with Roger and Jenny’s dad (his opening up included STD admissions); thankfully, things were a lot more wholesome with Jionni’s side of the genetic tide pool.

Punctuated by pictures of baby Jionni, dinner with the LaValles reveals that the two parents-to-be plan to nest with Grandma and Grandpa LaValle, which is a big sigh of relief considering the fact that Jionni doesn’t really seem to think that “daddy” means anything different, really, from “uncle.” Hopefully Roger can talk some sense into him before the baby comes (we all know he's going to try, anyway). And if not at least the grandparents won’t be too far away to help out. Do we smell a multi-generational spin-off in the works?

We’re left with a teaser about Cancun. Will this be the girls’ last spring break ever? Is Cancun even fun with a bun in the oven? Guess we’ll find out next week.

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Catch the next episode of Snooki & JWOWW on Thursday, August 9 at 10 p.m. ET on MTV.

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