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Total Recall, Celeste and Jesse Forever, 360: Wetpaint Entertainment’s Sexy-Not Sexy Weekend Movie Guide, 8/3

The Olympics are awesome, but how many more beach volleyball matches can you really watch? Take a break from the London Games and catch a movie instead. Here's the scoop on three flicks showing this Friday, August 3.

Total Recall

Set in a futuristic 2084, when a company named Rekall is able to alter human memory, this remake of the 1990 classic follows a dissatisfied factory worker named Doug Quaid (Colin Farrell) who discovers that he was once a secret agent and that his wife (Kate Beckinsale) isn't even his wife. He goes on the run and teams up with rebel fighter Melina (Jessica Biel) in the process.
Sexy: Colin Farrell
Not sexy: Arnold Schwarzenegger (the original's hero)
Verdict: The 1990 original was a huge hit, so we have high hopes for this remake. Plus, Colin is way cuter than Arnold.

Celeste and Jesse Forever

Celeste (Rashida Jones) and Jesse (Andy Samberg) got married when they were super young, and now that they are 30, Celeste decides that divorce is the best decision for their friendship. Jesse accepts the downgrade even though he's still crazy about Celeste, but just when Celeste starts to regret her decision, Jesse begins to move on and it may be too late. Oh, timing, you sneaky little jokester, you!
Sexy: High school sweethearts
Not sexy: Unhealthy ruts
Verdict: If this isn't the perfect chick flick to hit up with your bestie, we don't know what is (aside from The Notebook, obviously).


Acclaimed director Fernando Meirelles (City of God) and writer Peter Morgan (The Queen) teamed up to create this exciting thriller that tells the interweaving story of a group of people. The international all-star cast includes Rachel Weisz, Anthony Hopkins, and Jude Law.
Sexy: Jude Law
Not sexy: Cheating and betrayal
Verdict: The critics kinda hate this one. But Jude Law is in it. And there's lots of sex. Sometimes the critics are wrong?

08.3.2012 / 05:30 PM EDT by Maria Valiente
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