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Glee Season 4 Music: Lea Michele Teases Klaine and Finchel Duet

With all this talk about the huge challenges coming for Glee couples who will be in long-distance relationships this season, we’ve been a bit worried that some of our favorite couples might not make it.

Then creator Ryan Murphy revealed that one of upcoming Season 4 episodes will be titled, “The Break-Up.” Now, consider us sufficiently freaked out!

However, Lea Michele (Rachel) just revealed an interesting bit of news on Twitter that leads us to believe it won’t be all heartbreak and tragedy when Glee returns this fall. “Another amazing session in the studio with @alxanders today, recording a Finchel/Klaine duet! You guys are gonna LOVE it!” she tweeted on August 3.

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Finn (Cory Monteith), Rachel, Kurt (Chris Colfer), and Blaine (Darren Criss) are all singing together? This is fantastic! But — aren’t most of them living in separate cities right now? Rachel’s in New York City. Blaine’s in Lima. Kurt’s just now making the move from Lima to NYC. And Finn... he’s supposed to be in the army, but nobody really knows where he is. How is this duet going to work, anyway?

Based on Glee’s filming schedule, the song will likely either appear in the Season 4, Episode 2 Britney Spears tribute, or the still-unknown Episode 3. (The ominous “Break-Up” episode could be as early as Episode 3, or it could be scheduled for a little later.)

We still can’t rule out a Klaine or Finchel break up entirely, but it definitely sounds like there are happy things in store for the couples, as well. You heard Ms. Lea. We’re “gonna LOVE it!”

Source: Lea Michele on Twitter

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