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The Vampire Diaries

Julie Plec on Vampire Diaries Love Triangles: There’s Always Hope For Everybody — Exclusive

Even if we didn’t follow Julie Plec on Twitter, we’d guess she’s a fan of gymnastics. The Vampire Diaries executive producer does a balance beam act with her show’s main love triangle — between Elena (Nina Dobrev), Damon (Ian Somerhalder), and Stefan (Paul Wesley) — with ease.

Part of what makes it work is her ability to introduce new twists that constantly change which Salvatore is the frontrunner for Elena’s heart. When Wetpaint Entertainment spoke to Julie recently at the CBS TCA All-Star Party, we asked her what impact the revelation that Damon met Elena first will have on the new vampire.

Wetpaint Entertainment: In the season finale, you introduced the fact that she met Damon before she met Stefan. That must signify something?
Julie Plec: Well, yes. By no means is Elena so literal as do take takebacks on her choice. But I think in the overall context of her connection to Damon and their friendship and their relationship with each other, it's just more information that she didn't have that reminds her that he's growing into — and has grown already into — a very special person in her life.

Are all the compulsions gone? She's going to remember every single time she was compelled?

What's the worst thing that she's going to remember?
Well, the two things that we already know that we saw, that Damon gave up his chance at her when he gave her necklace back, and that Damon met her first. I think that gives us enough to play with for a little while. There's no deep, dark skeletons of compulsion, thank God, because, boy, would that be traumatic.

So there’s always hope for Team Damon?
We are a television series about two men that love the same girl. There is always hope for everybody.

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08.4.2012 / 05:21 AM EDT by Carita Rizzo
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