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Jersey Shore

What Are Snooki’s Biggest Pregnancy Problems?

Snooki’s pregnancy hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing. For one thing, she’s endured her third trimester during this hot and humid summer and she’s been working through almost her entire pregnancy. Regardless, our favorite pregnant guidette has been a champ about taking her pregnancy problems in stride. Read on to see some of the Jersey Shore star's pregnancy problems in her own words.

"The one thing I hate the most about being pregnant ...Shortness of breath. I CAN'T FREAKIN BREATH!" Snooki tweeted today (August 3).

"Pregnant ladies unite. Overly sensitive in the first trimester is a bitch. If you haven't experienced it, bite me." Snooki tweeted on July 26.

"My back is killing me today! Nice warm long shower #pregnantproblems," Snooki tweeted on July 22.

"Dear Leg cramps, go away please. Your not fun #pregnantproblems," Snooki tweeted on July 18.

"I was praying to go thru this pregnancy w/ no stretch marks & KEWL there starting to come! Moisturizing my tummy like crazy!!!" Snooki tweeted on July 14.

"I'm so uncomfortable! ‪#pregnantproblems‬," Snooki tweeted on June 11.

Poor Snooki! She only has roughly five more weeks of pregnancy, so it will be over soon!

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