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Dancing With The Stars

DWTS All-Stars: The Stars’ Best Previous Dances

Maybe your memories are hazy. Or maybe you just want to compare the Dancing With the Stars All-Stars side by side. Since all but one of the core 12 celebs was a finalist, we already made a list of the 5 Best Freestyles from the group. Putting Freestyles aside, there’s still a lot of great dancing from the 12 known dancers and the three contenders for the 13th spot. Check out our picks for their best dances and start guessing who will stand out (and fade out) when Season 15 starts on September 24.

Kelly Monaco, Season 1 winner, Samba
There really aren't that many options for Kelly, since Season 1 only had six episodes. She got her highest scores for her Freestyle, but she actually looked better in her steamy Rumba, very limber Paso Doble and this infamous wardrobe malfunction-producing Samba. She handled the mishap like a pro and still managed to dance well enough to get Carrie Ann Inaba to stand up and cheer. Carrie Ann and Len Goodman gave this routine 9s, with Bruno Tonioli being the tough judge with an 8. If she's still this sexy and limber, look out All-Stars!

Drew Lachey, Season 2 winner, Tango
It would be cheating to just re-post his Freestyle with Cheryl Burke, which was named the #1 fan favorite routine in DWTS history. Drew rocked plenty of other dances, too. He isn’t that big a guy, but he definitely brought a strong, masculine presence to his dances. He was Mr. Consistency in terms of technique and getting into character — and Cheryl was Ms. Consistency when it comes to stayin' on his tush about the details. If you watch this full video of their Tango prep, you can see Cheryl refuse to let him join his family's Super Bowl Sunday party until he learned his moves. When she finally gave him the OK, Drew's visiting brother, Nick Lachey, picked him up and carried him out of the ballroom. Drew's Tango proved it was worth all the effort. The sharp, intense Week 6 routine got a perfect 30 and established him as a frontrunner.

Emmitt Smith, Season 3 winner, Cha-Cha-Cha
DWTS tends to start seasons with "easier" dances like the Cha-Cha-Cha and if Emmitt does a routine like this — or anything even close — he's going to establish himself as a fan favorite among favorites. Watch this Week 9 routine (Emmitt's second Cha-Cha of the season) and try not to smile and dance along. It's the definition of fun. No wonder the audience ends up cheering "Em-mitt! Em-mitt!"

Apolo Anton Ohno, Season 4 winner, Samba
If Julianne Hough doesn't return, cross your fingers that Apolo ends up with someone with her exact energy. They just seemed perfectly matched — from their intense Paso Doble and classy Quickstep to their funky Freestyle and this sexy Samba. This Week 5 routine marked their shift from Mr. & Mrs. "Cute” Couple to Mr. & Mrs. "Hot, Sexy” Couple. Julianne's outfit does half the work for them, but he clearly listened to her shouts for him to "Be a man" and "Be sexy! Be sexy! Be that tiger, rarrrr!" Judge Bruno said they were "possessed" like "two bewitching devils.” Carrie Ann just said it was "perfection."

Joey Fatone, Season 4 runner-up, Jive
Joey is The Jive King. He and Kym Johnson got triple 10s for their Jive on Week 7 and got three more 10s for another Jive on Week 9. This is their second one, to "Jump, Jive and Wail," featuring Joey in a bright yellow jacket that perhaps inspired Helio to give himself the banana treatment on the next season. Joey does all the classic kicks and flicks you expect from a fun Jive. There's no stiff awkwardness like you get with some celebs. Bruno said Joey had more flash than Vegas and more tricks than Houdini. Len told Joey "You've got something that everyone's got but yours is much bigger. ... Personality!" (Ha!) Just once they should have Joey do a Jive with pro Mark Ballas, who is kind of the The Jive Emperor.

Helio Castroneves, Season 5 winner, Quickstep
Helio is a thousand times cuter than a button. He proved you can make a Quickstep just as fun as a Jive in this not-so-mellow yellow Week 9 routine that became one of the favorite dances in DWTS history. Quicksteps are notoriously exhausting but Helio and Julianne make the fast footwork look fresh, fun and easy. You'd never know this dancing banana sits in a car for a living.

Shawn Johnson, Season 8 winner, Cha-Cha-Cha
Shawn didn't dominate the judges' leaderboard as much as Gilles Marini — or even Melissa Rycroft — and you could argue she and Mark won on the strength of their amazing Freestyle alone. But Team Shark ended strong in general, with a perfect-scoring Argentine Tango and this perfect-scoring Cha-Cha-Cha to Michael Jackson's "P.Y.T." You could see Shawn's journey from a (literally) little girl to a confident woman. Both Gilles and Melissa were strong from start to finish. Shawn went from a good technical dancer to a good technical dancer who could also loosen up and entertain. Everyone loves a transformation!

Gilles Marini, Season 8 runner-up, Paso Doble
How to choose a best Gilles routine... Do you pick his insanely sexy Argentine Tango, which got a perfect score back on Week 4? Or do you go with his insanely sexy shirtless Paso Doble, which was denied a perfect score and somehow the heavens did not rain fire down on Len for giving it a 9? Obviously Grumpy was just jealous. (Tom Bergeron sniffed that Len had “pec envy.”) It's hard to watch the start of this Paso Doble without passing out, but do your best and see if you agree with Len that it "only" deserved a 9.

Melissa Rycroft, Season 8 third place, Samba
As Bruno said of The Bachelor alum, "She's got a body made for dancing. Your lines, your legs..." Melissa is a bubbly former cheerleader, but she knew how to bring class and elegance to the dance floor. Still, she bared her amazing bod to full effect in her sexy Samba with Tony Dovolani, who called her his ideal partner. This was a perfect-scoring routine but chances are everyone is going to have a lot of those on All-Stars so it’s going to take a certain something else for Melissa to push ahead of their other two Season 8 finalists.

Pamela Anderson, Season 10 sixth place, Rumba
"Am I throwing myself at you?” Pamela teased her partner, Damian Whitewood. “You want to see throwing myself at you?" Pam has natural sex appeal but she found the right balance between raunch and class in this Week 4 Rumba, which ended with a wowzer of a split. The romantic, sophisticated routine earned her high performance scores — 'cause this week they separated technical from performance — including a 9 from Bruno. This was her best individual routine of Season 10, but maybe on All-Stars she'll have a chance to show more of what she can do.

Bristol Palin, Season 11 third place, Jive
Bristol The Pistol's best score of the season was a 27, which she got for her Week 9 Paso Doble and this Finale Week Jive. In the video, you can hear Bristol talk about how she was more intimidated by the media attention than competitors Kyle Massey and Jennifer Grey. Bruno visited Bristol and Mark in rehearsals to try and help them improve their last Jive. Mark is such a great Jiver and this really brought out Bristol's fun side. It was the perfect routine to help Bristol get over the "Brandy Was Robbed!!!" stuff going on at the time.

Kirstie Alley, Season 12 runner-up, Cha-Cha-Cha
Kirstie and Maksim Chmerkovskiy started and ended with a Cha-Cha to "Forget You." It was their favorite dance of the season — unforgettable the first time and even better on the finale. She and Maks had so much obvious chemistry and brought out the best in each other. You have to love how he pops out his bubble butt and kisses her hand, but the best part is how much obvious fun she’s having. She was never the best dancer of the season but if DWTS is about entertaining transformations, she was the true star.

Sabrina Bryan, Season 5 seventh place, Paso Doble
Seventh place and she had a perfect score on Week 4! Sabrina and Mark got the earliest 30 in DWTS history when their Paso Doble got triple 10s on Week 4. No one had ever done so well — and the next person to get as good a score on Week 4 was Gilles Marini with his perfect Argentine Tango. Check out this sharp, fast, intense Paso and decide if you want to vote for Sabrina to see how she fares head-to-head against Gilles.

Kyle Massey, Season 11 runner-up, Instant Jive
Kyle and Lacey Schwimmer were the first couple ever to do an instant dance. If they had flopped, maybe the instant dances would've instantly faded away. But their Instant Jive wasn't just good, it was great — and it looked like they had practiced to "Good Golly Miss Molly" the entire time, instead of just getting the music a few minutes before dancing. Their "Tootsee Roll" Freestyle was adorable too — and we still love the "My First Kiss" Cha-Cha-Cha that introduced them on Week 1 — but as Carrie Ann said of this routine, "That was the instant dance? It's like that song was made for you. That was by far the most fun I have had as a viewer, as a judge, this whole season!" Check this out, then vote for Kyle if you want (hopefully) more fun routines like this.

Carson Kressley, Season 13 eighth place, Tango
Carson was never beloved for his great dancing, but that just makes him the ideal "project" for an ambitious All-Stars pro. His personality is already A+ so he just needs to keep working on technique. Anna Trebunskaya certainly did her best — and their greatest success was on Most Memorable Year Week, when they turned his Tango to "It's My Life" into a stylish fight over shoes. Like everything Carson, it was more about entertainment than technique, but Bruno called it "insanely brilliant!" Vote for Carson if you want to see if he can improve upon a score of 23.

Dancing With the Stars Season 15: All-Stars will premiere on Monday, September 24 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. Check out the full All-Stars cast list here.

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