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The Kardashians

Keeping Up With the Kardashians Recap of Season 7, Episode 13: A Wild Water Birth

Over at Kourtney’s house, she gets a visit from an Ayurvedic specialist, who gives her specialized pregnancy herbs. She asks her about what she knows at-home water births. While Khloe’s definitely not on board with the idea, the visitor says the water helps to alleviate the pain. So, to find out more for herself, Kourtney invites local midwives by the house to talk more about it. They tell her that you can’t get an epidural, but they have some other ways of limiting pain. Also, there’s supposedly something worthwhile in actually feeling the baby being born.

Scott, who initially didn’t like the idea of his “little playground” being destroyed in the process, admits that the whole water birth concept does make sense. The fact that Scott can see the benefit of it makes her wonder if it’s the right thing to do after all.

Kourtney consults with her sisters about the idea. Having everyone come to her house for the birth sounds great to her, and better yet, Mason can be there. It’s empowering, she argues. Kim says no to the idea of Mase being in the room because “he’s going to think you’re being murdered.” Both Khloe and Kim think it’s a dumb move overall.

Later, it’s time for the girls to head on to San Diego. Kris put up a little bit of a fight, but she eventually gave in for the trek. Khloe thinks she needs to make the effort more often than just this. As they head down, Khloe and Kourtney discuss the M.J. situation while the two biggest divas in the car (Kris and Kim) nap with Mason in the backseat. “I tend to push people away that I love the most when I feel like there’s nothing I can do about the situation,” Kris eventually admits.

As they arrive, Kris and M.J. share a big hug. The house she’s living in now belonged to Kris’s great-grandmother, and she’s touched by the many memories she experiences looking around at old pictures and the courtyard her kids used to play in. “Seeing Mason running around my mom’s house reminded me of many years ago,” she says. “I think living in L.A. lets me put my head in the sand and not deal with the reality of my mom not being a hundred percent.” She realizes she’s been missing out.

Speaking of L.A., while the girls are settling into their hotel in San Diego (Rob joins the group too), Bruce decides to take up Brandon’s idea of attending a sleep clinic. Kendall and Kylie are at a friend’s house, Kris is with the girls in San Diego, and he’s got the house to himself — perfect opportunity to do an overnighter at the sleep clinic.

Kris and the kids go out for dinner, and Khloe gives her some guff about not coming up there often enough. Khloe says Kris doesn’t give M.J. enough of an opportunity to talk to her about it, and Kris gets upset because she can’t imagine what it’d be like to lose her mother. Khloe tells her she should speak to M.J. about it, not her.

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Bruce, meanwhile, looks like something out of a horror movie because he’s got wires hooked up and tangled around him every which way. He’s not sure how he could possibly sleep with everything linked up and ponders issues like “If I like wet the bed will I electrocute myself or something?” Begrudgingly, he goes through with it because he wants to do the right thing for his relationship with Kris.

Back at San Diego, M.J. joins the family for a trip to the zoo. Kris remembers a time when her birthday party was held there 49 years before, and she gets a little emotional about being with her mom in the place again. The fact that she’s even healthy enough to get out there and walk around proves a lot about where she’s at, physically. Kris decides to tell M.J. that she appreciates her.

With the sleep study over with, Bruce gets a call from the doctor about his results. He’s got some serious hand activity going on during the REM segment of his sleep, and a more detailed study is recommended for the issue.

Kris and her mom have an emotional post-zoo lunch. She admits she hasn’t spent enough time with her mother and that she wants to make it right. “I wanna enjoy every single day I have with you,” she says. “So we have to grab the day right? Seize the day?” M.J. responds, sniffling with joy. Kris is left with the realization that time stands still for no one and that she better make good on the opportunities she’s got to see her mom. M.J., clearly a wise soul, makes the girls pinky swear to visit more frequently.

Back at the house, Bruce fills Kris in on the sleep study. He doesn’t think he should go forth with further testing since there’s nothing that can be done anyway. She’s grateful for the effort, sort of.

Khloe, meanwhile, allows Kourtney to drag her to a tub store “because you can’t say no to a pregnant person,” and she tests out the big bathtubs in the place to see whether they’d work for a water birth. Khloe’s so annoyed with the whole dialogue, clearly, but she plays along. Kourtney also expects her to be around for her whenever it’s time to go witness a water birth for themselves. She’s had no luck with a few previous opportunities, but she seems confident she’ll get a chance soon.

Later, Bruce comes to bed with his own form of a solution to his left hand night-slapping issues… a brace for Bruce! “This is the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen… Now you’re a freak.” Even though she refuses to kiss anyone with “this freakazoid thing,” he moves in for a smooch anyway.

The call comes in for Khloe and Kourtney to witness the live water birth. At first, the woman’s lounging around eating potato chips and bouncing on a huge ball, which makes it seem all kinds of cozy to Kourtney, but before they know it, she’s making sex noises and then eventually screaming her lungs out. The pain has set in, and Kourtney finds the noises “terrifying.” Khloe, too, is having some serious issues with what she’s seeing. Needless to say, the experience changes Kourtney’s mind about the whole aqua delivery concept. Mason’s birth was a “peaceful” experience, so why would she want to have her second child come into the world this way? Not to mention, there’s the possibility of putting the baby’s life in jeopardy as well. Numb it up, doc!

Next time on Keeping Up, Mason gets a fish… whose lifespan is pretty short. Also, Kris wants her family to plan her funeral? Should be fun!

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This week’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians was all about making crucial life choices. The ep begins with Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian engaging in some yoga therapy. Kourtney’s at the brink of popping out baby number two, and she’s doing everything she can to prepare. Scott’s not buying into the whole thing, though, to no one’s surprise.

Meanwhile, as the girls do a photoshoot, Kim decides to give their grandma Mary Jo (“M.J.”) a buzz about coming to visit soon. She’s been having a rough time — M.J. is a breast and colon cancer survivor — and they want to make it to San Diego to spend some time with her.

At the Jenner house, Kris chats with Kendall and a half-sleeping Kylie about how Bruce smacked her in the face while she was sleeping the night before. “It’s like I’m sleeping with a prize fighter!” This is why she sleeps upstairs while Bruce generally sleeps on the couch downstairs. Bruce joins the group and Kris alerts him about his subconscious violence. The couple’s back to square one now, she says.

Over at Kourtney’s, she’s got a midwife over. A friend got her the gift of casting her pregnant belly, and this will give her the opportunity to explore the option of a water birth. The midwife just so happens to be a water birth specialist, and she’s got great stories to share.

Brandon visits with Bruce for lunch, and the two chat about his little dilemma. He’s been having issues with his sleeping for a long, long time — even back when he was training for the Olympics. Brandon thinks he should go to a sleep study. Bruce knows something’s gotta give. “We've been working really hard on our relationship, everything's going good. I don't want to be waking her up at night, screwing the whole thing up,” he says.

Also in need of mending is Kris’s attitude about visiting her mother. The girls approach her about joining them for the San Diego trip, but she’s hesitant. She doesn’t have time, she argues. Kourtney points out that that’ll always be the case if she lets it. Khloe adds, “Mom it's your mom. Do you know how you would give me so much crap if I didn't come and see you?” Khloe thinks that she just doesn’t want to see her mother unwell, which she can sympathize with for having seen her own father fall ill. Kris agrees to try and rearrange her schedule.

Kris attends a meeting with her business partners and studio execs, and she gets a call from Kourtney. Time to make it happen with the trip. She tells her friends about Kourtney’s demand, and one of them shares his sad tale of losing his mother to a drunk driver at the age of 13.

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