Should Jionni Get Snooki a “Push Present”?
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Jersey Shore

Should Jionni Get Snooki a “Push Present”?

Jionni LaValle already got Snooki a huge engagement ring, but should he also look into giving his expecting fiancée another gift before she pops this September?

For the uninitiated, a “push present” is the the cutesy name for a somewhat controversial new practice. Basically, a man gives his expecting significant other a special gift (usually a piece of jewelry) for “pushing” out their baby. While the present is meant to celebrate the birth of the parents’ child, it has been called controversial since, well, some people think that a baby is already enough of a gift for both mommy and daddy.

Despite the controversy, many celebrities have gotten in on the push present trend. Famous mamas like Rachel Zoe, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Mariah Carey have all gotten push presents from their significant others.

So, should Jionni get Snooks a push present? Vote below!

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Source: Babble

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