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True Blood

True Blood Burning Question: What Will Happen to Bill Now That He’s Tasted Salome’s Blood?

It finally happened, Truebies. Our imaginary boyfriend (correction: ex-boyfriend), Bill Compton, has turned into a cannibal. Frankly, we aren't surprised considering that everyone else in Bon Temps is eating each other, but we hardly expected Bill to snack on vampire blood.

During this week's episode of True Blood (Season 5, Episode 9, "Everybody Wants to Rule the World"), Bill and Salome did the humpity hump, and Bill got a case of the munchies. As we know, this dude loves nothing more than binge-eating during sex, so he popped a fang erection and chowed down on Salome's neck — while envisioning she was Sookie.

And then, Truebies? Then everything got realer than real — by which we mean Bill suffered yet another hallucination.

It appears as though Salome's blood caused Bill to have imaginary sex with Lilith, aka God's main squeeze, and now he's a full-blown born again Lilithian.

We have two major concerns:

1. Vampires aren't supposed to eat each other, and if Bill keeps snacking on his girlfriends, he's going to end up with a serious case of blood poisoning.

2. Bill's most recent Lilith hallucination proves that eating any vampire blood can cause the imagination to run wild, which means drinking Lilith's blood isn't the unique religious experience everyone thinks it is.

Sigh, things aren't looking good for Big Willy. Let's just hope he doesn't morph into the cannibalistic version of a V-addict.

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