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True Blood

True Blood Spoiler: Jason Gets Answers About the Vampire Who Killed His Parents

True Blood’s Sookie and Jason Stackhouse are in hot pursuit of the cold-blooded killer who murdered their parents. While Sook has faerie powers on her side, Jason has a leg up, too.

No, it isn’t his skills as a deputy police officer — it’s a scroll.

Among the insanity in Episode 10, Jason will uncover a mysterious scroll that marks “the beginning of answers, and perhaps even more questions, for Jason,” portrayer Ryan Kwanten told Vulture.

“[The scroll is] from a long time ago, and they have to figure out its meaning, but also figure out if … he can connect it with his parents dying.”

In addition to the scroll, Jason is going to go into full-on investigation mode with Sookie — but not without plenty more questions along the way.

“Jason is going to try to track down who it was,” Ryan continued. “The hardest thing is now is realizing, Does he blame all vampires, or does he just look for the one? I don’t think he suspects it’s someone they know.”

Phew! At least we’re not worried that Bill or Eric are behind the crime. Not only would that mess with Sookie’s head, but it would also twist around her relationship with Jason — one of Ryan and co-star Anna Paquin’s favorite parts about the show.

“Anna and I have been petitioning it [to have more scenes together] for a little while. It really helps to keep the show grounded with that honest reality of seeing a brother-sister relationship,” Ryan spilled.

“We were also cautious to make sure Anna [who is pregnant with her first child] was looked after all the time. We’ve been shooting this show for over five years, so we’re a very tight-knit crew who really adores Anna. And she was such a trooper.”

Source: Vulture

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