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The Bachelorette

Chris Harrison: Chris Bukowski’s Arrogance on Bachelor Pad 3 Is Astounding

This week marks the second time Rosemaster Chris Harrison has claimed Michael Stagliano is running Bachelor Pad Season 3.

Really? It doesn't look like anyone is driving this crazy clown car. Yeah, the BP2 winner seems to be starting a little love thang with Rachel Truehart, but was it really Michael's alliance that won with that Episode 3 decision to oust Reid Rosenthal and Donna Zitelli? Since Donna openly worships Stags, wouldn't he want to keep her around to just have her vote however he wants — and keep rewarding her with make-out time?

Anyway, TV Guide asked Chris about the two alliances — which seemed from here to be Team Reid vs. Team Ed Swiderski — and if they will continue to divide.

"You'll also see the Stagliano alliance run the house," Chris teases. "Just like last season, his group is driving the house and he's quietly running this game. He did it this season under the guise of 'I'm your friend and I'm here to find love and coach you and hang around.' Obviously that's not true; he's playing the game. He's just cruising by."

Chris also teases some floater drama, as tied into Jaclyn Swartz's flag-waving speech about honesty at the end of Episode 3.

"It's a hint of things to come and you'll see more speeches. The problem is this year is that there are floaters like Kalon and Lindzi, which really messes up the game and makes alliances useless. There's also the added pressure of who wins the challenge because David is screwing everything up. When you have David winning the challenge and Kalon floating it screws everything up for the guys."

Speaking of guys being screwed up, get ready for more action from Chris Bukowski and his harem of Girls With Low Self-Esteem. "His arrogance really is astounding," the other Chris says. "Even if you think you know what's coming, the audacity is stunning in a sad way for him."

Also coming next week is another challenge based on potentially hurtful questions and answers. "Last year we did the paint thing and it was cruel," Chris says, referencing the BP2 challenge where eggs filled with paint were thrown at the backs of contestants, physically and emotionally hurting them. "I didn't like it, and it was a bad idea that came off poorly. So, we said, 'How do we evoke that emotion but do it the right away?' We let the cast drive it this season in the guise of the game show. It's amazing the stuff they admit to and will say publicly and then later say, 'I didn't know it would be taken that way when I said, 'I hate her and she's a slut.'' So that's going to stir things up."

Yeah, it can be so tricky to say "I hate her and she's a slut" in the right affable tone. Nothing but class, this show!

Source: TV Guide