Does Bill Have a Plan to Destroy The Authority, or Is He Actually a Sanguinista?
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True Blood

Does Bill Have a Plan to Destroy The Authority, or Is He Actually a Sanguinista?

On last night’s episode of True Blood, Bill Compton went cannibalistic, “saw” Lilith, and proceeded to betray his best friend, Eric Northman.

Although we’d like to think that this is all part of a big plan to take down The Authority, the promo previewing the rest of the season shows Bill threatening to destroy anyone who “dares to defy” him, the so-called “chosen one.”

Praaaaaise Lilith!

However, even with Eric on his knees — presumably awaiting the True Death — we still hold out a bit of hope for Bill.

“I told you, vampires often turn on those they love the most,” he says in the promo — but to whom? Could he be staking Nora after Eric betrays her? Or perhaps he’s talking to Salome, recounting her betrayal of Roman.

Based on the promo, we know that Sookie and Jessica both play roles in this Sanguinista craziness, but we’re hoping Bill isn’t turning against them! There are so many potentials for disaster, but also some faerie light at the end of the tunnel.

Truebies, weigh in: Is Bill planning something bigger to destroy The Authority, or is he actually a Lilith-praising Sanguinista?

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