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Jonathan Groff Dishes His “Very” Sexual Boss Debut

If the release of that chemistry-charged deleted scene between Jesse St. James (Jonathan Groff) and Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) last week reminded us of anything, it’s that the couple otherwise known as St. Berry is practically perfect for eachother.

Equal parts talented, ambitious, and passionate... Jesse and Rachel make a great pair. Sadly, actor Jonathan Groff has not yet been asked back for Glee Season 4, and seeing how Rachel has a new love interest at NYADA this year, our dreams of a St. Berry reunion might never actually become a reality.

Thankfully, there will soon be other places we can catch J.Groff on our TV screens. The swoonworthy Broadway vet is about to make his debut for Season 2 of the Starz show Boss on Friday, August 17.

Jonathan will play Ian, a calculating and power-hungry staffer working for Kelsey Grammar’s Chicago mayor Tom Kane. Oh, and another thing: Prepare for Jon’s character to be involved in some very sexual scenes — with both men and women.

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After Elton attended the Television Critics Association panel for Season 2 of the show, and they brought back some scandalous tidbits about what to expect on the show. When asked about Ian’s sexuality, Jonathan said, “Ian’s sort of M.O. is that he will do anything to get ahead… I think power is the thing that turns him on the most so whether it’s a man or a woman or someone older, it’s all about whatever he can do to progress in the political [arena].”

But will we literally be seeing Ian’s sexuality played out in front of the camera, panel attendees wanted to know. Jonathan smiled and nodded, “Yes! Very much. It’s very much seen.”

Somehow, though, we’re thinking Rachel Berry’s fluffy pink pillowcases and Madonna music won’t be involved this time around. Jesse’s sure isn’t in Lima anymore!

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08.7.2012 / 10:36 PM EDT by Beth Douglass
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