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Report: Gossip Girl’s Ed Westwick “Freaked Out,” Punched Partygoer

Oh, Ed Westwick (Chuck), you stud muffin you. This feisty British bloke just can't get his oozing manliness under control, and this weekend he got into yet another bar brawl. (Side note: No, Ed, we haven't forgotten that time you flew into a rage over an unplugged iPod).

This time, Ed took a swing at an unsuspecting patron who tried to take his picture at New York's SL. Yikes, Edward that's no way to treat your fans!

“Ed thought that one of the guys from the next table was taking a photo of him,” a witness dishes to Page Six. “But he was really just trying to get a shot of his girlfriend. Ed freaked out. He leapt up and tried to punch the guy, but completely missed.”

Ed was so enraged by this nosey fan-boy, that he asked SL's security to remove him from the premises. The poor guy claims that Ed yelled “You don’t take [bleeping] pictures of me” before flying into a reportedly boozy rage but reps from SL maintain that "there was no conflict of any kind.”

Sigh, Ed. Chuck does not approve.

Source: Page Six

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08.7.2012 / 02:57 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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