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Secret Life of the American Teenager

Secret Life’s Renee Olstead Teases Madison’s Love Life and a Near-Death Experience! – Exclusive

Madison Cooperstein is one of our favorite characters on Secret Life of the American Teenager — sigh, so lovably ditzy! — and we can't wait to see what happens to her this season. Wetpaint Entertainment chatted with portrayer Renee Olstead about what's coming up for Mads, her plans after graduation, and which character has a near-death experience! Read on below!

Wetpaint Entertainment: The 100th episode of Secret Life was awesome. Tell us about filming the flash mob!

Renee Olstead: We had some great direction. I call Brenda Hampton a creative genius because she really is — I am in awe and total respect of her; she always comes up with such fun ideas. Camille [Winbush] and I had a blast, the dancers were wonderful, and it was super fun to shoot! I was so impressed with the dancers because it was kind of a small area that we were shooting in — I don't know how [they] managed to dance without running into each other!

We never want Secret Life to end, but what are your plans when the series eventually comes to a close?

I may kind of gravitate and concentrate on my music for a little bit. Of course, I want to spend as much time on Secret Life as possible — it's been so much fun, and I get to work with my best friend every day, [plus] an incredible group of people who I love so much and I've gotten so close to in the last five years. So, I've got my fingers crossed that this show keeps going for as long as the fans love it.

What do you think Madison will do after graduation?

I think Madison will probably end up going to college and hopefully get her life together and not get too stressed by boys. I feel like she's going to be very successful [because] she's obviously very academic and a little more focused and responsible.

Will Madison finally get her happily ever after?

I hope so, but at the same time, I think Madison really validates herself with other people; by having a new piece of gossip and having people want to talk to her so they can hear the big news. I think it would be nice to see Madison really come into her own, and not necessarily need someone else or a guy in the picture to be happy.

Are you Team Ricky or Team Amy?

I am Team Ricky and Amy. They have a kid together, and I think that there are a lot of things that have happened in the last few seasons. Ricky has really stepped up to show he's a good dad, and I think there's something very romantic about finding somebody who might not be the good guy and having him really fall in love with you.

Lastly, we've heard rumors that someone almost dies this season! Can you tease who that might be?

It might be someone that Madison has mixed feelings over...

What do you think, Secret Lifers? Are you excited to see what happens to Madison? And whose life will be hanging in the balance this season? Weigh in below!

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