Teen Wolf Recap of Season 2, Episode 11, “Battlefield”: Lacrosse to Bear
Credit: 2011 MTV © and TM MTV Networks    
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The Vampire Diaries

Teen Wolf Recap of Season 2, Episode 11, “Battlefield”: Lacrosse to Bear

Quickly hatching a plan, Scott decides Isaac should take out the rest of the benchwarmers so the coach will have to put the failing student in the game. The coach is pretty upset when Isaac starts injuring his own team but not enough to pull the werewolf out.

Instead of fleeing, Boyd tries to protect Erica. Allison just keeps filling him with arrows. “Stop,” begs Erica. Chris isn’t happy with his daughter, and decides to intervene before she kills Boyd.

Turnabout is fair play, and Jackson nearly breaks Isaac’s leg at Gerard’s request. When the coach sends Scott in, Mrs. McCall catches on that there’s more than just lacrosse going on. She tells him to ignore everything she said earlier.

Gerard continues to mess with Scott’s mind: “Haven’t you guessed what the real offer on the table is? You give me Derek, and I’ll let you have Allison.” Throw in a dozen milking cows, and that’s the deal of the (13th) century.

Back at the hunting grounds, Allison is pleased to have caught two werewolves. “Caught came very close to kill, and that’s not the way we do this,” her father lectures. Allison doesn’t see why Chris is angry, so she calls her grandfather to brag instead.

Peter promises to tell Derek how to stop Jackson — not by killing the kanima but by helping him.

Gerard is about to cut Isaac in two with his sword, when he sees Scott in the locker room mirror.

It takes him a bit of time, but Stiles actually scores a goal. Then another. Suddenly Stiles is really good.

There’s a myth, Peter tells Derek, that you can cure a werewolf by calling out its Christian name. But the kanima has no identity, just like an orphan. Jackson can be brought back through heart. Peter knows there’s one person with whom Jackson had a bond strong enough to do so — Lydia. Just call him Huey Lewis, because Peter believes in the power of love.

Lydia and Stiles eye flirt across the field. She does like her lacrosse players. There are only 30 seconds to go, and Scott is finally on the field. Everyone is celebrating, even though the team is only up by a point. Plus, Jackson has dropped his gloves and his eyes are turning. This is definitely premature celebration, lacrosse fans.

Finally, the 30 seconds end. Beacon Hills High School wins the game. “Nothing happened,” says Scott, speaking too soon. There’s a scream as the field goes dark.

As Stiles predicted, there’s confusion and people running. Scott’s mom tells him someone is hurt on the field. It’s Jackson.

Lydia screams Jackson’s name. (There goes that theory. Or does Jackson have to be in kanima form for the Christian name thing to work? A little more instruction would help, Peter)

Mrs. McCall lays her head on Jackson’s chest. Just when we think he’s going to rip her face off, she says there’s no heartbeat. Instead, there are puncture wounds in his chest, and Jackson’s fingers are bloody. “He did it to himself,” Isaac realizes. Good luck explaining that to the HMO.

“Where’s Stiles?” asks the Sheriff, who seems to be the only one who cares.

Next week is the Season 2 finale. Get your bestiary, a couple glasses of flower-laced punch, and some tissues, because it’s going to be Gerard-y with a chance of blood rain.

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Teen Wolf Recap of Season 2, Episode 11, “Battlefield”: Lacrosse to Bear
Credit: 2012 MTV © and TM MTV Networks    

Some time has passed since Matt’s untimely death. Teen Wolf Season 2, Episode 11, “Battlefield” picks up a few days later. We’re sure the newspaper club is scrambling without their best photographer, especially with this big lacrosse game coming up. Oh, are they going to be sad no one photographed this one.

Feeling a lot of feelings and lacing up his lacrosse stick, Stiles reminisces about the night Matt died in the guidance counselor’s office. While he’s not sorry that the weirdo died, Stiles does know a lot about drowning and how the body fights against it. Regardless, the creepy photographer was using his Photoshop skills to edit himself into pics of Allison. Nearly drowning may have made Matt go off the rails, Stiles says, but the dude had been riding the crazy train for a while.

There’s some good news, however. The Stilinksis won’t starve because the Sheriff got his badge back. Still, Stiles feels some tension between the father and son. Plus, his bestie, Scott, is dealing with his own problems.

A lack of new clothes isn’t one of them. Someone’s mom went shopping for her werewolf son, even if she’s not technically speaking to him. Who can turn down a sale at Macy’s? Not Mrs. McCall. After donning his new sweatshirt, Scott tries to talk to his mom, who seems to have barricaded herself in her room. (Except for when she left to go shopping at Macy’s, of course.) Scott unsuccessfully tries to talk to her, but she doesn’t respond, even when he says, “Love you.” Sometimes, you can only say “I love you” with a hoodie, Scott.

Allison is another lady who isn’t speaking to Scott. Even his secret car window messages are being ignored. Stiles feels the guidance counselor should know that Allison was hit hard by her mother’s death, but she and her dad are closer than ever. (They even look at maps together!) Proving he hasn’t been paying attention to his crush, Stiles tells Ms. Morrell that Lydia is acting the most normal out of any of them.

This includes Stiles, who’s feeling jittery. Ms. Morrell diagnoses him with hyper-vigilance, but Stiles thinks it’s more than that. It’s like he can’t breathe. The two have a long discussion where drowning is used as a metaphor (seems a little insensitive given what happened to Matt, but we’ll roll with it, Morrell) and they talk about why Stiles should continue to suffer, even if it might get worse. Isn’t a little agony worth surviving, she asks. As Winston Churchill said, “If you’re going through hell, keep going.” It was the last century’s version of, “It gets better.”

Naturally, Scott is in the shower. When he returns to his room, the kanima is holding Mrs. McCall hostage, and Gerard wants to chat. Evidently, Scott hasn’t been returning the hunter’s calls. The kanima is a weapon of vengeance, he reminds Scott, and what Gerard wants is to kill Derek and his pack. “I didn't just come to bury my daughter; I came to avenge her,” Allison’s grandfather says. With that, Gramps and his kanima leave, and Mrs. McCall has a minor meltdown. She’s not sure what the lizard was and what Scott is; she just wants her son to give Gerard whatever he wants.

On a moonlit stroll through the woods, Erica and Boyd hear a bunch of wolves howling. Or should we say, werewolves? The two decide to tell Derek they’re leaving him because of his alpha issues. They want to find the new pack.

Teen Wolf Recap of Season 2, Episode 11, “Battlefield”: Lacrosse to Bear
Credit: 2012 MTV © and TM MTV Networks    

For some reason, Derek doubts his minions heard a pack of wolves. What sounded like a dozen wolves was probably only two, thanks to the Beau Geste effect. (Someone’s been watching NOVA!) Boyd tells Derek that they’ve lost, and that’s why he and Erica are leaving. No, they’re running, Derek corrects his former pack mates. Then he gives a mini Glengarry Glen Ross speech where he says they’ll always be running. “Always. Be. Running.”

Isaac shows up at the vet, and proves his sense of smell can sniff out which animals are getting better... and which aren’t. Then the vet has the werewolf use his newfound power to take some of the pain away from a poodle with cancer. He and Scott have a moment when the latter admits, “The first time he showed me, I cried too.” Is this going to be important later? It seems like it will be important later.

Back in Derek’s lair, Peter has appeared out of nowhere. He claims he wants to help his nephew, but all Derek wants to do is throw his uncle around the room.

In more bromantic moments, brought to you by Macy’s, Isaac asks Scott for advice. Erica and Boyd are leaving, and Isaac isn’t sure if he should go with them. “You always seem to want to do the right thing,” Isaac tells Scott, who has a fit of modesty. While Scott explains that he has too many people to worry about, Isaac realizes he’s alone. The two seamlessly transition into lacrosse talk, and Isaac mentions that Jackson will play in the game tonight. Thank goodness Isaac showed up at the vet!

Danny notices Jackson isn’t exchanging banter in his usual way. “Stay in the goal tonight, Danny… If you see me coming toward you, run the other way, as fast as you can,” the kanima warns his BFF.

For some reason, Mrs. McCall shows up in the locker room in the middle of the coach’s Independence Day speech. (It is, undeniably, the most moving, inspiring speech in history, but that’s quite the change of heart she had.) Principal Argent (a.k.a., the kanima’s master) tells the lacrosse team to murder their opponents (but in a sportsmanlike way), then mentions Scott is benched. Darn you, abysmal Econ grade.

Peter and Derek are still fighting.

Bench buddies Stiles and Scott talk about their MIA lady friends. (Neither has seen much of Allison or Lydia.) Stiles predicts the game will end badly, with blood, and running, and mayhem. Then he tells Scott how helpless he felt, watching his dad get hit over the head by Matt. “I can’t do the things you can do,” Stiles says. Their relationship repairing moment is interrupted by the coach, who tells Stiles he’s actually playing in a game. This is just like Rudy! Or is it more like Lucas? Depending on how he plays, we might all watch an inspirational lacrosse movie called Stiles.

Using kanima powers, astral projection, or Jedi mind tricks, Gerard starts talking menacingly to Scott in his mind.

Boyd and Erica are on the hunt for the pack. Instead, they’re greeted by hunters. Boyd and Erica hold hands.

Growling inside Scott’s mind, Gerard tells the werewolf that if he doesn’t deliver Derek, Jackson will kill someone during the final 30 seconds of the game. “So tell me, Scott. Who’s gonna die tonight?” Gerard asks, before rumbling out the names of the benched lacrosse player’s family and friends. “It’s up to you, Scott. But you are going to help me take Derek down,” Gerard says, before promising blood rain.

Post-return from the dead, Peter isn’t doing so hot. He can’t heal as quickly, and he needs Derek’s assistance. “Why would I want help from a total psycho?” his nephew sneers. “We need each other,” says Peter.

Stiles is not very good at lacrosse.

Isaac arrives at the game. It turns out he didn’t flee with Boyd and Erica. He and Scott look at Gerard.

Erica and Boyd are on the run from ATVs. Allison jumps off the vehicle, and shoots an arrow into Erica. The werewolf tells Boyd to run.

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