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True Blood

Will Hoyt Die on True Blood?

True Blood's Hoyt is having the worst day ever. Not only has he spent most of Season 5 dressed like the fangbanger version of an Elliott Smith fanboy, but this week, he was eaten by a herd of deranged pigs and no one even noticed.

Turns out that Sam, Andy, Jason, and Luna were too busy saving Sookie to care that Bubba was being eaten alive, and it was at least five minutes before they bothered to claw the hungry piglets away from his hot bod. Major fail, everyone.

Sadly, it looks like this unlucky hillbilly is on death's doorstep, and last we heard, Jason had taken him to Bon Temps' trusty hospital for evaluation. Right, because they have such a great track record.

We have no clue whether Hoyt will live to drink another brewski, but we're crossing our fingers in the hopes that Jessica will rub blood all over his wounds. The problem? Last time we checked, Baby Vamp couldn't "sense" Hoyt, which means there's no way for her to know that he's in danger!

What do you think, Truebies? Will Hoyt make it, or is he another tragic victim of Miss Piggy's evil plot to rule the world? Weigh in below!

08.7.2012 / 12:30 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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