3 Reasons Jason Stackhouse Won’t Die on True Blood
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True Blood

3 Reasons Jason Stackhouse Won’t Die on True Blood

There has been a lot of speculation that Jason Stackhouse will either die or become a vampire this season on True Blood, and we see the clues.

However, our inner optimists are hoping that isn’t the case. With that said, here are three reasons why we think Jase won’t die an untimely death at the end of Season 5.

3. True Blood Loves to Trick Us!

Most of the “hints” of Jason’s death have been hidden in plain sight. In the spoilerific, bloody promo, we clearly see Jessica lying next to Jason in a grave, but we also recently saw Billhave sex with Sookie” when it was just a V-induced mirage. We’re calling your bluff, Alan Ball!

2. Jason Never Became a Werepanther

In Season 4, Jason nearly morphed into a werepanther thanks to Crazy Crystal. But surprise, surprise — he’s fine! He didn’t suddenly become a freaky hybrid of animals, nor has he — or anyone around him, for that matter — mentioned it since. Maybe he’s due for a supernatural twist, but we doubt the writers would take that route again after their first failed go-’round.

1. They’ve Already Done It This Season

True Blood always has new tricks up its sleeve, so why would they do the same thing to Jason that they just did to Tara? And even with Bill in Sanguinista mode, we doubt he’d command Jessica to do such a thing — she’s too young. We may be fooled into thinking that Jason is dead and/or a vampire within the next few episodes, but we’re betting that he’ll be alive and well in Season 6.

What do you think, Truebies? Do you think the Grim Reaper or a vampire are knockin’ on Jason’s door this season? Weigh in below!

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