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Farrah Abraham Responds to Drug Use Allegations: “These Are Ridiculous, Untrue Claims”

Farrah Abraham has had a rough couple weeks. Hot off the heels of admitting that she used to smoke pot to deal with depression, a fame-hungry fan sold a story to the tabloids about Farrah's alleged drug abuse! As you might expect, all hell broke loose, and now Farrah is speaking out in her defense.

"These are ridiculous, untrue claims," Farrah tells Mom Finds. "It’s very sad that another mother would make up such stories, especially when I invited her out and treated her like a friend. In return, she was fake and wanted to make money off of hanging out with me."

Farrah is clearly peeved about these rumors, but her main concern is Baby Sophia.

"It truly is disgusting and twisted that others bring Sophia and myself into their lies for attention. Sophia is the biggest part of my life and she makes me the happiest. Nothing else matters — I’m focused and I do not have time for drugs or drinking. I’m happy, healthy, and safe."

As for reports that Farrah is trying to snag a billionaire hubby, she says dating couldn't be further from her mind.

"I won’t deny that I have used Reyes online dating as seen in Teen Mom, but I no longer do at this time," Farrah explains. "It’s hard being on TV and trying to find someone who is truly interested in me instead of fame. It’s hard enough trying to find true friends. Right now, I think it’s best I just help out others with their love lives and eventually my time will come again."

How is it possible this girl is still single? She's so mature and lovable — not to mention gorgeous!

Source: Mom Finds

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08.8.2012 / 09:30 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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