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Glee Season 4 Spoilers: Sue Sylvester’s Pregnancy Game-Changer

Back in Glee Season 3, Episode 15: “Big Brother,” an abnormal test result gave Sue (Jane Lynch) the shocking news that her unborn baby might potentially have Down syndrome. Nothing could be certain, though, until later in the pregnancy.

Now, when Jane Lynch spoke with E! Online on August 5, she shared that though Sue will have “just given birth to a beautiful baby girl” when the show returns for Season 4 this fall, the tiny infant also “has Down syndrome.

Given the care and sensitivity Sue has displayed when working both with Becky (Lauren Potter) and with her late sister, Jean, we have no doubt that the new mother will more than rise to the occasion. Plus, can you imagine a Sue-Becky-Baby trio how adorable will that be?

In other baby news, Jane told Extra that Sue’s newest partner-in-crime is a girl and will be named — drumroll! — Robin. No word yet on how Sue arrived on that name, but we’re sure Sue will provide some complex (and possibly bizarre) explanation. Needless to say, we’re guessing Sue didn’t choose the name because she’s a fan of cute little baby birds (or a fan of Batman’s assistant).

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But the biggest mystery revolving around Sue’s baby is yet to be explained: Who the heck is her baby daddy? We’re hoping we’ll find out shortly after Season 4 begins, but as of right now, we’re still in the dark. Good thing we have more patience than Sue seems to!

Plus, the name of Robin has added sentimental value for Jane Lynch, as its the real-life first name of the actress who played Sue’s dearly departed sister. Of course, Jane reassures us that actress Robin Trocki is still alive and well.

We still don’t know what Sue’s baby’s first words will be, but we’re guessing they will be something along the lines of, “Goo goo, ga ga, death to glee club.”

Source: Extra TV, E! Online

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08.8.2012 / 12:31 AM EDT by Beth Douglass
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