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Molly Quinn Faces Fan Backlash After Attributing Castle’s Success to Nathan Fillion

On Monday, Molly Quinn (Alexis) unknowingly sparked a Castle fandom civil war when she answered a question on her official Facebook page.

"Molly, to what do you attribute the success of Castle?" the fan asked, to which Molly replied, "Fans, great writing, Nathan Fillion."

Seems pretty harmless, right? So why all the fuss?

Apparently, many die-hard Stana Katic fans (aka Stanatics) were furious with Molly's response, accusing the 18-year-old of being disrespectful to Castle's leading lady. After all, who would Rick Castle be without his muse, partner, and soon-to-be girlfriend, Kate Beckett?

Molly was quick to defend herself, explaining that her answer had nothing to do with Stana's acting ability and everything to do with Nathan's help getting the show off the ground in 2009, when it was relatively unknown.

"You would not know any of us had it not been for Nathan's fan base getting us off to a great start," the 18-year-old actress wrote. "The show is called Castle. Of course, our team is strong, but many of us joined to work with Nathan and the story was compelling."

"Then icing on the cake Nathan was instrumental with producers in choosing who filled the other roles," she continued. "So Stanatics can also thank him for that whether I like him or not."

The debacle escalated quickly, making its way to Tumblr and Twitter, where fans continued discussing Molly's answer. Unfortunately, not all of the discussion was civil, but Molly stuck to her guns despite the negative backlash.

"There is a very vocal group that is always looking to criticize me if my opinion is not the same as theirs," she said. "Haters gonna hate no matter how diplomatic certain people are. Not offended in the least. :)"

What do you think of Molly's response? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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08.8.2012 / 02:15 AM EDT by Lindsay Dreyer
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