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The Bachelorette

Natalie Getz’s Bachelor Pad Blog: Ed Swiderski’s Sex Noises Make the Show Worth Watching

While we’re still mourning the loss of Jef Holm on our Monday nights by listening to Bright Eyes on repeat, sassy Ed Swiderski is steadily curing our Holmsickness on Bachelor Pad 3. We’re not the only ones transfixed by Ed’s drunken antics! Bachelor Pad alum Natalie Getz writes a weekly blog for ABC in which she wittily recaps the show’s greatest (and trashiest) moments. Here are a few choice observations from Nat’s BP3, Episode 3 blog:

Ed’s mesmerizing sex noises: “He finally takes [Jaclyn Swartz] to bed and talks to her like a bird in the amazon! I’M OBSESSED WITH ED’S SEX NOISES! He literally is making this show worth watching with his hilarious, 'I don’t care' attitude. He is a typical Chicago boy who gets hammered after a long week of work and hooks up with just about anything they can get their hands on.”


Chris Bukowski isn’t buying what Jamie Otis is selling giving away for free: “Jamie is ready “to show her kids and America” (as she so graciously put it) how she fell in love with daddy on TV. Chris clearly has a different plan for the two of them. Jamie tries to wake him up in order to make out, talk, and snuggle. Chris wants no part of this and a devastated Jamie cries herself to sleep. Someone clearly spiked the punch bowl at prom.”

Can Michael Stagliano win it all? “Michael is definitely the best player in the house. He has excellent leadership qualities and since he is sincere, people will follow him and do what he says. He has transformed most of the house into his disciples.”

Source: Natalie’s Bachelor Pad 3 Blog