Should Sean Lowe Be The Next Bachelor? Pros and Cons
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The Bachelorette

Should Sean Lowe Be The Next Bachelor? Pros and Cons

The Bachelor is almost upon us, and ABC still hasn't picked their man. What gives, Chris Harrison? Stop curling your tender locks of love and get with the program! Rumor has it that Chris and his elves have their eye on third runner-up Sean Lowe, who charmed our panties off during Emily Maynard's season of The Bachelorette.

Check out our list of pros and cons, and vote on whether he'd make a good Bachelor!


1. He's a Southern Gent
Sean hails from Texas, a plentiful land full of cowboys and peeps who refer to women as "fillies." You can bet your bottom dollar that Sean will treat each of his Bachelorettes like the princesses that they are.

2. He's Ready to Settle Down
Sean is basically an old man, and he's more than ready to settle down with a southern belle. We're fully confident that Sean would go on The Bachelor for all the right reasons, and we'd be shocked he were to break up with his fiance after the show. This dude is in it for the long haul!

3. He Comes From A Loving Family
Sean comes from a sweet and loving family full of people with hilarious accents, and they're proof positive that Sean isn't faking it. Some Bachelors only star on the show for fame and fortune, but not this guy. He just wants to find love, sob!

Should Sean Lowe Be The Next Bachelor? Pros and Cons
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4. Um, Have You Seen Him Shirtless?
We need to talk about Sean's eight pack. Let's just say we haven't showered in months in the hopes that we'll be able to shampoo our hair on his washboard.

5. He Oozes Romance
Sean treated Emily like a queen during his time on The Bachelorette, so we were shocked when he was deflowered like a tender man virgin. This handsome devil was romantic to the max — and even ran through the streets of Prague shouting Emily's name in a passionate frenzy. The ladies won't be able to gird their loins!

Should Sean Lowe Be The Next Bachelor? Pros and Cons
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1. We're Not Sold on His Kissing Skills
Look, we love ourselves some Shirtless Sean, but we're still recovering from his unique kissing techniques. We're worried about the following: a) gentle licks, b) dry lips, and c) not enough tongue.

2. He Might Have a Stuffed Animal Fetish
Sean introduced Emily to his collection of stuffed animals (Whiskers, Buddy, MooMoo, and Froggy) during his hometown date, and ever since we've been worried that he has an unnatural love for plush toys. Sure, Sean was "just kidding," but those stuffies looked well-loved.

3. He's Not Very Adventurous
We love Sean with every fiber of our being, but he doesn't exactly seem like the adventurous type. The Bachelor is always more fun when the ladies go on epic life-threatening excursions, and we're just not sure Sean is ready to hurl a hottie off a cliff.

4. He Doesn't Have That Bad-Boy Edge
Is there such a thing as too nice and perfect? Sean is a total sweetheart, but he lacks that bad boy personality we love so much. Our suggestion? Sean needs to buy a leather jacket, a skateboard, and a pair of skinny jeans. Basically, he needs to do a Jef Holm impression — then he'll be a shoe-in!

5. He Lacks a Tragic Sob-Story
All the best Bachelors come with a sordid tale of love and loss, but Sean is pretty clean cut. The most nefarious thing about this dude's past is the fact that he's never "given himself" to anyone — whatever that means. We need a reason to cry, Sean. Give us a reason to cry.

What do you think, gang? Do the pros outweigh the cons?

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