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Which Glee Project Bromance Is The Cutest: Blake and Michael or Cameron and Damian?

Last year on The Glee Project, the friendship between Cameron Mitchell and Damian McGinty was one of our favorite parts of the entire season. So while Team Dameron unfortunately can’t be on the show twice, Season 2 has its own answer to these charming and cute BFFs: this year’s contenders, Blake Jenner and Michael Weisman.

Dubbed the Peanut Butter Brothers by Glee choreographer Zach Woodlee, these two have quickly emerged as the fan favorite bromance of TGP2.

They’re cute, sweet and goofy, to be sure, but how do these two stack up against Cameron and Damain? Well, no one is doubting that Blake and Michael are both very good looking. Aylin called it out during the very first episode: The Glee Project did an awesome job of casting attractive men this season. Blake looks like he could be an Abercrombie and Fitch model, while Michael could pretty much pass for Taylor Lautner’s not-so-werewolfy younger brother.

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That said, Blake and Michael just don’t seem as uniquely individual as Cameron and Damian were. With his cute and excited personality — not to mention that Irish accent Damian is automatically set apart from anyone else he might be up against. Cameron stands out, too, with his nerd chic vibe and sweet Texas charm. Plus, Cameron proved last season that he has no problem standing up about things he really cares about.

They were the geeky-cute boy next door and the Irish exchange student: Two guys who would probably never have crossed paths before but put them together, and it was like magic. Blake and Michael just don’t have that; they look and act much more similarly than Dameron ever did. In short, they’re just not as unique, individually and together.

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That’s not to say Blake and Michael couldn't both make good Glee characters. Blake could be McKinley’s new football jock. The New Directions certainly need one. The graduated all the others last season. Michael could be the cute new math geek. Because he’s smart. And he likes calculus!

When all is said and done, Cameron and Damian will forever be our favorites. But — who said it’s up to us to decide? We want to know what you think. Have the cute and goofy Peanut Butter Brothers officially eclipsed Team Dameron? Or are you sticking with Cam and Damo ‘til the end?

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08.8.2012 / 08:40 AM EDT by Beth Douglass
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