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Secret Life of the American Teenager

A “New Love Interest” Shakes Up Ricky and Amy’s Relationship! Daren Kagasoff Spills – Exclusive

There is never a shortage of drama and excitement on Secret Life of the American Teenager — especially when it comes to the boys. But this time around? It could really shake up Ricky and Amy’s relationship.

Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with the trio of male stars — Daren Kagasoff (Ricky), Ken Baumann (Ben), and Greg Finley (Jack) — to find out what the future holds. Not so surprisingly, there is some serious lady drama all around, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. On the opposite end of the spectrum, something “physically very scary” happens to one character.

Read on to find out whose life is hanging in the balance!

Wetpaint Entertainment: What can you tell us about the Aug. 27th finale?

Daren Kagasoff: I am “married” — that's all I'm going to say.

What does being “married” mean?

Daren: There could be a new love interest for Ricky. It might shake things up. We're not sure yet. I don't know if I'm going to budge.

Are you just teasing us?

Daren: No, I'm not!

What about for the rest of you?

Greg Kinley: Let me say this: Something physically very scary happens to my character. Like, very scary, and you don't know what's going to happen after.

Does this happen while defending a friend?

Greg: Yes … kind of. While trying to help out a stranger, I should say.

Ken Baumann: I'm more boring — I'm just fending off two women.

Greg: That's so boring.

What’s coming up in the romance department?

Greg: There's always romance on the show. I wish there was as much romance in my real life as on the show!

Ken: Yeah, seriously, right? Ben gets into a lot of trouble. He's got a girl, a little redhead. She's a lot of trouble.

Ben is consistently getting into trouble.

Ken: Exactly — and that doesn't go away.

Setting a school on fire isn’t enough for him to run away? What's the plan?

Ken: Well, so far, there is none. It gets worse and worse for a little while.

Greg, what about Grace and Jack? Is there still hope?

Greg: There's a lot of hope this season — it's just a lot of ups and downs. There's a big event that happens that brings us closer, but then maybe tears us apart.

What do you think, Secret Lifers? Is Jack the mysterious character who “almost dies” this season? And will Amy and Ricky break up for good? Weigh in below!

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