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Real Housewives of New York

Aviva Drescher Demands an Apology From Ramona for “Disgusting” WWHL Question

Oh snap! The Twitter-verse is alive with Real Housewives of New York conflict this week!

Aviva Drescher has publicly demanded an apology from RHONY co-star Ramona Singer for her, um, strange question to Aviva’s father George during Monday’s episode of Watch What Happens Live.

To recap, Ramona sent in a question to the show while George was a guest (host Andy Cohen delivered the inquiry, for what it’s worth) asking whether he flirted with other women while he was married. George coolly smiled and said, “no,” but that didn’t make it any better for Aviva, whose mother is deceased.

When Ramona was called out by a Twitter follower for being “out of line” with that question, she replied, “George was married twice. It was never ever my intention to disrespect or 'muddy' her mother's memory.”

Aviva, however, wasn’t comforted by that logic whatsoever and demanded an apology from Ramona, writing “you did and it was disgusting. You owe my entire family an apology. And not just for insulting my mother.

While Ramona didn’t directly respond to Aviva, she re-tweeted a follower who said, “Everybody knows if [Ramona] made the comment about her mother you woulda said, ‘Aviva's mother’!!” and added the word “exactly.”

It sounds like things still haven’t improved for these two. This situation begs the inevitable question: Team Ramona or Team Aviva on this one?

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