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Bones Season 8 Spoilers: Are Booth and Brennan Getting Married?

There are no words to describe how much we want Brennan (Emily Deschanel) to get over her fear of cathedrals and hitch her lady-wagon to Booth (David Boreanaz). Can't they just get past that whole "Brennan stealing a baby and running away" thing and get married already?!

B&B have a lot to talk about once she gets back from being on the lam, but first on the list? When they're going to put a ring on it. “Well, [the engagement issue] will be part of this season,” Stephen Nathan tells TV Line's Michael Ausiello. “That’s been held over their heads for a long time. It won’t resolve itself, but it will be something that we do explore this season.”

Wait –– it won't resolve itself? If Booth bends down on one knee only to be rejected again, we're going to burn our entire collection of novelty socks in protest. Just let the man be happy, Stephen!

Do you think Brennan and Booth will ring in the new season with a diamond stunner? Hit the poll!

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