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“If I Don’t Take My Meds, I’m Crazy” and More WTF Quotes From Teen Mom Season 4, Episode 9

The end of Teen Mom is almost upon us, and as you might expect we've spiraled down into the fifth circle of hell. Luckily, we'll always be able to remember the good times thanks to these whacktacular musings, so check out the seven best quotes of Season 4, Episode 9!

1. Gary walks out of Amber's bathroom: "Smells so bad in there."
Amber: "Dude, I know you ain't sh*tting in my house."

He came, he saw, he conquered.

2. April eye-rolls at Butch: "Did you see that f--king look he gave me?"

Nope, too distracted by his mullet.

3. Gary explains Amber's behavior: "Her head’s not in the right order."

We're convinced the dermal infection has spread to her brain.

4. Amber owns up: "If I don’t take my meds, I’m crazy."

What's her excuse the rest of the time?

5. Farrah schools Baby Sophia: "You want to throw things at my head, go to your room!"

To be fair, throwing things at Farrah is slightly irresistible.

6. Amber's friend checks in: "What’s wrong?"
Amber: "Lots of sh*t!"

Still not over Gary using her bathroom, apparently.

7. Debra interrogates Daniel: "Here comes the heavy part. My baby is brilliant and beautiful."

Woahhhhhh, Deb. You just hit us with a ton of bricks!

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08.9.2012 / 07:10 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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