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The Bachelorette

Should Arie Luyendyk Jr. Be The Next Bachelor? Pros and Cons!

The Bachelorette is over, and a new era of reality TV bliss is almost upon us. Yep, The Bachelor is right around the corner, but the lucky guy has yet to be chosen by Chris Harrison and his minions!

Rumor has it ABC has their eye on Emily Maynard’s runner-up, Arie Luyendyk, Jr., who is a total euro hottie who gets us seriously hot and bothered. That said, no one is perfect and it’s our job to vet every potential hunk possibly gracing our televisions screens. Check out our pro and con lists, and tell us what you think!


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1. The Ladies Love Cool Arie
Arie loves nothing more than getting engines running, and we mean that in the most sexual way possible. Emily took an instant shine to this flying Dutchman, so lord knows he’ll be right at home on The Bachelor. Gird your loins, girls of America.

2. He’s a Great Kisser
Bachelorettes will be lining up to get in on Arie’s action, and we have no doubt that he’d make a smokin’ hot Bachelor. After all, he has a PhD in Kissing with a minor in Heavy Petting. Plus, we have every reason to believe his favorite song is “Kiss The Girl” by that crab in The Little Mermaid.

3. He’s Looking For a Serious Relationship
Arie might love the ladies, but he’s 30 now and ready to be in love like a grownup. This heartthrob is more than ready to put down roots, and the fact that he was more than ready to propose to Emily shows he’s not faking it. Ring ring, it’s commitment calling!

4. He’s a Gentleman
We got to know Arie pretty well during The Bachelorette, and he treated Emily like a princess each and every day. He opened doors, used his manners, and acted like a Disney prince. There’s no way he won’t leave ladies swooning all over themselves on The Bachelor.

5. He’s Spontaneous
Remember when Arie snuck out of Chris Harrison’s furry love shackles and wandered aimlessly around Croatia until he found Emily’s house? That was so adorable, and we’ve been fantasizing about their snuggle time ever since. We’re fully confident that Arie would sweep his bachelorettes off their feet!


Credit: ABC via WENN    

1. Is He Still in Love With Emily?
(This is also one of our concerns about Sean Lowe's Bachelor eligibility). Remember the journal Arie left on Emily’s doorstep in Charlotte — and how he returned on live television to talk to her about his feelings? We’re wary that he’s ready to move on from the girl he was so obviously head-over-heels for, but in our recent conversation with him, Arie insists he’s ready to move on — and ready for big love.

2. His Family Is Slightly Terrifying
We met Arie’s world famous fam-fam during his hometown date on The Bachelorette, and while we were blown away by his mom’s LOLmazing fashion and wonderful accent, we have some worries. Frankly, they intimate us with their worldliness! They’re clearly a tight-knit bunch — will they be accepting of a newbie? Whoever Arie picks will have to be able to hold her own in this group of super-strong personalities.

3. He’s Always on The Go
Um, in case you don’t know, Arie is a world famous car racer who spends his life traveling the world while wearing adorable onesies. Sure, he’d be a great Bachelor, but what happens to the lady who wins his heart? Whoever he ends up with will have to be okay with his schedule. Then again, think of the frequent flyer miles!

What do you think, Bachelor Nation. Do the pros outweigh the cons?

08.9.2012 / 02:13 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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