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True Blood

Will Eric Die During Next Week’s True Blood? You Tell Us!

Have you checked out the promo for next week's fang-popping episode of True Blood? Better break out the trusty body pillow and grab a box of kleenex, because it looks like our favorite Swedish Sex God might meet the True Death at the hands of Queen Bill. Let the ugly-crying and Alan Ball hate mail commence!

Eric might be an ancient vampire — whereas Bill is a mere plebeian –– but now that William has morphed into a Bible-thumper, he's peer-pressuring his bro to hop on the Lilith train. In fact, if Eric doesn't join Team Lilith, Bill and his Authority cronies are going to kill him. How could you, Bill? How could you?

We have no doubt that Bill will try to murder Eric next week, but here’s the real question: Will Eric actually die? Thousands of fangirls will take to the street in protest if Fangtasia's frontman kicks the bucket, but you never know with Alan Ball. This is the guy who had Sookie's cat brutally decapitated. Dude is willing to go there.

Will our favorite snow-sexer die? Weigh in below, Truebies!

08.9.2012 / 07:10 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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