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Jersey Shore

5 Things to Know About Ryder, Snooki’s Best Friend

Snooki's BFF Caitlin Ryder, better known by last name only, has become one of our favorite Jersey Shore side acts. While she was once the only blonde to dare enter the Shore house during daylight hours, she has since switched to a darker hue, presumably so the guys will mistake her for a roommate and not hump her. Smart move.

Ryder has a pretty big appearance on the Season 5 premiere — what with her big BFF reunion and all — so we thought we'd give you a heads up about everything you should know about her.

1. She's addicted to drums and a slave to the dark beat. Translation: she beats the beat up to DeadMau5 as if his big Mau5 head will explode one day soon, signaling that the apocalypse of house (hau5?) music is nigh.

2. She and Snooki bond over critically acclaimed TV! Yes, the two have quite the Twitter rapport over, of all shows, American Horror Story. Apparently, Ryder has something of a lady boner for fellow blondie Tate, while Violet is Snooki's homegirl.

3. She's a student at SUNY New Paltz, and yes, she is still enrolled. At least, that's what we gather from her tweet about the new semester starting in a few weeks. But maybe that was just a shout-out to all the suckers who have to go back. In any case, we're impressed that she was the only person made famous by Jersey Shore to go back to school after her flash-in-the-pan fame more or less fizzled.

4. She hooked up with Vinny between the second and third season of Jersey Shore, prompting Snooki to awkwardly call Vinny out on it in the hot tub during the Season 3 premiere, after which Vinny made that painful speech about how he and Snooks shouldn't hook up any more because he doesn't want to hurt her. Recalling it makes us cringe. Clearly, Snooki and Ryder's relationship isn't unblemished, but they seem to have managed to work it out. We're pretty sure having a new and very steady boyfriend helped facilitate Snooki's recovery.

5. She works menial jobs non-ironically! Unlike the Jersey Shore cast's comical forays into the service industry (Shore Store sales people, gelato-slingers, pizza-makers, etc.) for the sake of "earning their room and board" (despite the fact that they're millionaires and could clearly just pay to live there), Ryder has yet to make real money off her Jersey Shore cameos. While she does finally have a manager to handle bookings and appearances, she worked three jobs over winter to cover her Christmas gifts. Before that she worked at Puma and a flower shop. Maybe this Shore starlet is staying humble, after all.

Tune into the Jersey Shore Season 5 premiere on Thursday, January 5 at 10 ET/PT on MTV to catch Ryder in all her brunette glory.

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